Saturday, March 06, 2010

Chavez and Terrorism

It seems that Spain and Venezuela has reached an agreement concerning the accusations made that Chavez supports the ETA as reported on the following video:

España y Venezuela resuelven polémica

El Director de la policía española viajará a Venezuela para cooperar en caso ETA-FARC

The Gazeta Oficial from October 20, 2005 show the alleged ETA member as an office of Chavez government:

Tweets and e-mails were circulating the Internet a few days ago concerning Chavez's involvement with Spanish ETA with information as reported by The Wall Street Journal in the article below:

Hugo Chávez and Terrorism

"In Spain too, the Venezuelan strong man has allegedly collaborated with terrorists."

Venezuelans are sick and tired of Hugo Chavez getting involved in all sorts of wild and controversial causes rather than improving their quality of life. Crime in Venezuela is out-of-control and Chavez seems not to do anything against it! Civilians live in terror that they will be robbed or attacked anywhere. Presently neighborhoods are conducting safety meetings since the crime is taking place in areas that were safe. There are reports that the weapons utilized by the assailants are sophisticated.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Quotes from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton!

"We wish for a better future for the people of Venezuela. We wish that their government would govern more in the interests of all of the people. We also wish that there would be less rhetoric and threats coming from Venezuela." US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

El miércoles en Brasilia, Clinton consideró que el gobierno de Venezuela genera preocupación porque “está limitando de forma lenta pero segura las libertades”, y espero que el gobierno “restaure la plenitud de la democracia, la libertad de prensa, la propiedad privada y la economía de mercado”.

SECRETARY CLINTON: With respect to your question about Venezuela, I am not familiar with any of the allegations being made in Spain. I am familiar with the constant allegations being made by the Venezuelan Government with respect to our own government, and I can only reiterate what we have said many times: We are not involved in any activities intended to harm any Venezuelan. We are deeply concerned about the behavior of the Venezuelan Government, which we think is unproductive with respect to its relations with certain neighbors, which we believe is limiting, slowly but surely, the freedoms within Venezuela, therefore adversely impacting the Venezuelan people. And we would hope that there could be a new start on the part of the Venezuelan leadership to restore full democracy, to restore freedom of the press, to restore private property and return to a free market economy. We wish Venezuela were looking more to its south and looking at Brazil and looking at Chile and other models of a successful country. And we think that would be in the best interests of primarily the Venezuelans themselves, but certainly all of their neighbors.

Thank you Madame Secretary for speaking the truth and looking after the well being of Venezuelan citizens!

Hopefully, Hugo Chavez would shut up for a minute and listen to reason! It seems that Hugo Chavez is so full of hate that he can not see what are the needs of Venezuelans citizens, and goes into his insult mode. How sad an unfair it is for Venezuelans' quality of life to be diminished to cheap and thoughtless insults from their president! Please keep in mind that Chavez does not represent the majority of Venezuelan citizens, and allegedly Chavez has manipulated elections to remain in power.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Diplomatic Sparks


The following link is to open letter to The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) from the Group of 400 + concerning Hugo Chavez's response to the human rights report:


Ambassador Adolfo R. Taylhardat wrote opinion article commenting on Hugo Chavez's inappropriate response to the above mentioned report on human rights abuses:

Un consejo y dos lecciones

Dear Journalists,

Spain and the United States of America claim findings of Hugo Chavez’s wrong doing. As expected, Chavez blames the empire with the boring and old hypocritical statements against those acting for justice:

Hugo Chávez 'terrorist link' sparks diplomatic row between Spain and Venezuela


Moratinos speaks with Chávez about alleged ETA-FARC alliance

Chávez denuncia la “agresión permanente” del Imperio y sus aliados

Venezuela acusa de "sesgo político" a la CIDH ante el Senado de EEUU

Report details violence and lost freedoms in Venezuela

Venezuelan assets at risk by lawsuit filed by Cuban MDs

Venezuelans need help to restore democracy!


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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Micro Interview to Secretary General Insulza by Pedro Mario Burelli

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of Chile's earthquake

Feb 27/10 Micro-entrevista con el SG OEA Insulza sobre su silencio con respecto a informe de la CIDH sobre Venezuela

Internationalist Pedro Mario Burelli interviewed Organization of American States's Secretary General José Miguel Insulza concerning the IACHR report of Hugo Chavez:

Statement of the OAS Secretary General on the words of President Hugo Chávez regarding the report of the IACHR, February 25, 2010

From the OAS press release: A constructive way of moving forward in this case would be for the Government of Venezuela to agree to discuss the report and recommendations made by the Commission, as other countries on which reports have been issued have done in the past. The Government of Venezuela however has not yet deemed it convenient to welcome the Commission. A direct dialogue would be the best way to clear up doubts and differences to improve what needs improvement on a subject so crucial to democracy as is Human Rights.”

My suggestion is for everyone to please stop calling each other names like bureaucrats, and insults and profanity as used by infamous Hugo Chavez. This is also a good time for international organizations to monitor and use international justice to stop the alleged illegal manipulation of Venezuelan citizens' votes (a.k.a. Chavez's fake elections). Please keep out former U.S. President Jimmy Carter as an observer who seems not to be able to see big time cheating.

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