Sunday, March 09, 2014


Dear Journalists,

The following is URL to my blog2 where a concerned citizen wrote open letter to Journalist Walter Martinez. I received by a source in Venezuela video of news broadcast from Walter Martinez stating that Russian and Chinese ships were gathering to help infamous illegitimate government of Maduro.

I apologize to everyone who read my Twitter message about Russian and Chinese ships. As I stated on my blog2:

"Please know that I with concern forwarded news release provided by Journalist Walter Martinez that Russian and Chinese ships were gathering to go to Venezuela. I knew Walter Martinez, and I helped him out on a few projects since 1992 in Venezuela and Washington, D.C. He had won journalist awards, so  I made the mistake to believe his report."

I wrote that with concern I forwarded Walter Martinez's report, because I have seen many politicians and journalists who supported Venezuelan Presidents Dr. Rafael Caldera and Carlos Andrés Pérez turned to support infamous Hugo Chavez and thugs.

I am embarrassed since I should have known better than to forward a broadcast from someone who is allegedly supporting the illegitimate Maduro.  I just could not believe that Walter Martinez would report disinformation.  In these moments of reports from many sources one must verify all news until the truth comes out.  Only time will tell who reported the correct news.

Please accept my apologies for forwarding that news release.


Maru Angarita
My blog is: Twitter @maruangarita