Friday, April 21, 2017


Dear Journalists,
Venezuelans need help to restore democracy. Before the nation was split with the opposition and Chavistas. Now everyone seems to be against Maduro and thugs. The shortages of basic food, medicines, and needs have affected everyone.
The protests that started on April 19, 2017 have shown how cruel the government is disregarding innocent lives and sacrificing protesters to intimidate civilians. The highly educated opposition leaders are threatened by government officials and some are jailed.
Venezuela is rich on oil and  other minerals and need to update to better energy resources. At this time, Petroleos de Venezuela, SA (PDVSA) is in chaos as reported by experts. The government has drained businesses to close and crime and violence rule everywhere.
It is of utmost importance that current world leaders intervene and help Venezuelans be free from this abuse. Many government officials are on lists of criminals by  international law enforcement.
Please help Venezuelans to restore democracy and have a sustainable good quality of life.
The current protests in Venezuela prompted me to write on this blog. I had stopped writing frustrated by the lack of action or support from powerful nations. I have limited  my calls by notifying VIPs through Twitter.
Maru Angarita