Saturday, October 31, 2009

Free Gas for Michael Moore

While I do not agree with the controversial movie director Michael Moore, the attached video has made me think twice about him. Moore's statements are very close of the general opinion of infamous Hugo Chavez:

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Venezuelans' Misfortune

Update 2:

Showering With Hugo


Chavez increases his presidential budget 638 percent as reported by Le Monde:

Hugo Chavez augmente de 638 % le budget présidentiel du Venezuela

Dear Journalists,

While Venezuelans had peace during two weeks without Hugo Chavez abusing the networks with this infamous talk to the nation the pathetic leader is back on the air:

Se inicia ‘Aló Presidente’ tras 2 semanas de ausencia

Venezuelans who have been able to travel abroad with the basic foreign exchange allowance provided by Chavez have found that their Venezuelan issued credit cards are not accepted in most places. Venezuelans have to wait embarrassing moments while their credit cards wait for authorization approvals to no avail.

Doesn't Chavez know that one of the reason why Venezuelans despite him is because of blocks in the economy while he has become richer than ever? In addition to the fact that Chavez gives free money to nations to eventually control them.

Polls: Chavez's popularity slips in Venezuela

Chávez Sees Red at Thought of Golf Greens (never mind the new golf courses in Cuba)

Chavez's hypocrisy detesting the rich while behaving like a nouveau rich himself is a trait that makes him even more unpopular. Chavez should stop his monologue to help Venezuelans get out of the misfortune that he represents loaded with corruption, and bad company.

Cartoon by Weil

and comments from Blogger Daniel Duquenal:

Electric Peace Nobel


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