Saturday, September 19, 2009

The growing risk of conflict in Venezuela by Enrique ter Horst

The following article written by Enrique ter Horst, PhD is currently circulating the Internet. I have not found this article on search engines, thus I posted it on my blog 2 until I find the original source.

The growing risk of conflict in Venezuela
Enrique ter Horst
Caracas, 18 September 2009

Signs announcing conflict in Venezuela have been present ever since Hugo Chávez was elected President of the Republic in 1998, with his discourse of social hatred and political revenge. These signs are now impossible to overlook, as President Chávez, flagrantly violating the Constitution, has started to turn his discourse into decrees, laws and governmental decisions directed at cancelling civil and political rights and dismantling the liberal state and market economy the Constitution, his Constitution, theoretically guarantees. His declared aim is nothing less than to extend his authority to all sectors of human activity, indefinitely, under the guise of “socialism”.
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