Saturday, February 18, 2006

Venezuela's Political Disaster - February 18, 2006

Dear Journalists,

It was so nice to see former Venezuelan Presidents in Washington, DC visiting on official and private tours. There were cool parties at the luxury hotels with VIPs, speeches at the Library of Congress, stays at the Blair House across the street from The White House. During those years until 1999 Venezuela had pleasant and educated relationships with the United States including major business and trade agreements, and I was so proud to see Venezuela highly represented. Now, every thing has changed Chavez's hostile leadership full of threats, embarrassing behavior, nouveau rich attitude, bad associations, and nepotism for his supporters has placed Venezuela in a terrible national and international situation.

Venezuelan Opposition against Chavez consisting of millions of people are outraged to be represented by someone who does not represent their values and goals. Further, It is so boring to watch Chavez returning the same criticisms made against him to those who make them. Venezuelans live on a constant fight and hostility and abuse of power and visited by a circus of individuals who detest President Bush hanging around Chavez.

Chavez seems to be unable to lead half of the Venezuelan population so it seems that making threats and aggravations are the only tools that he knows how to use. Perhaps influential leaders can make Chavez sober up and make intelligent decisions so all Venezuelans can benefit, prosper and live in harmony.


Maru Angarita
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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Venezuela's Political Disaster - February 16, 2006

Dear Journalists,

Alek Boyd of published today a follow-up of Journalist Ted Koppel of ABC Nightline show aired on September 2005 interview to Chavez during his visit to the United Nations in New York City.

"Identifying Misinformation about Venezuela" By Aleksander Boyd

"Plan Balboa" Not a U.S. Plan To Invade Venezuela
Instead, a routine Spanish military exercise, documents show:

I invite you to please read my blog postings dated September 17, 18, 21, October 2, 8, November 5 & 6 concerning Mr. Koppel's interview to Chavez and the Plan Balboa disinformation. Please scroll down to Archives.


Maru Angarita
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