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The following link is to blog commenting on The Washington Times' report where ousted Honduras' president allegedly took out $2.5 M from Honduras Central Bank the day he was removed from power:

Next link is to pictures of "Chavez's gigantic march in Caracas supporting ousted Honduras' president: "

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Venezuela's Political Disaster - July 19, 2009

Dear Journalists,
Update: July 21
Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma explained to the Organization of American States the abuse of power and violations of human rights taking place in Venezuela:
Ledezma expuso a Insulza situación de democracia en el país
"The OAS cannot be a coroner who deals with dead democracies. The hemispheric body must avoid the death of democracies. And that is what they (the government) are trying to do in Venezuela: to kill our democracy." Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma

Update: July 20

In Washington, DC Mayor Ledezma demands respect for human rights in Venezuela

Crónica AP de la visita de 3 opositores venezolanos a Washington (+ Fotos)

Most of the chat from Venezuela on this date is about the FARC video that Colombia provided to the Organization of American States with alleged evidence of financing presidential elections in Latin America:

Colombia entrega a la OEA copia de video FARC

Venezuela's Drug-Trafficking Role Is Growing Fast, U.S. Report Says - Government Corruption, Aid to Colombian Rebels Are Cited by Juan Forero

Pedro Mario Burelli Comments

Video from Honduras showing drug traffic from Venezuela

Also, circulating is the video from Honduras explaining how ousted president Zelaya turned against democracy manipulated by Chavez.

OAS accused of ignoring abuses in Venezuela

Editorial from Columnist Jackson Diehl
Double Standards on Latin America

Further, former ambassadors to the United Nations wrote an open letter to Secretary General Ban-ki Moon concerning the outrage when the Caracas Mayor had to go on hunger strike for 127 hours before OAS Secretary General Insulza responded to the Mayor's pleads an urgent situation in Venezuela.

Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat wrote the following article "La CDI no es para proteger gobernantes delincuentes" (the Democratic Charter is not to protect corrupted officials):

"The Inter American Democratic Charter was meant to avoid abuses like Zelaya's and not to protect abusers like Zelaya." Pedro Mario Burelli


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The Bolivarian Rule of Lawlessness

The following is link to Célia Canon’s article on the National Press Club’s book presentation on July 15 of “The Bolivarian Rule of Lawlessness” by Robert Amsterdam, Gonzalo Himiob Santome and Antonio Rosich.

Venezuelan Lawyer Says Chavez Has Compromised Judicial System

A paragraph from the book reads: Chavez has subverted the fundamental institutions of government, converting them into tools for maintaining and consolidating personal power. His government and his supporters harass those who do not align themselves politically and ideologically with the Bolivarian Revolution. They use various means to persecuted their political opponents, including (among other things) assaults to the media, violence, censorship and false criminal charges.

For more information on the human rights cases in Venezuela please visit: and

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