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Venezuela's Political Disaster - April 25, 2009

Dear Journalists,

The new politics, or refreshed working environment from Chavez towards the United States, thanks to President Obama's leadership is a great sign to improve bilateral relations, and for Venezuelans citizens. It is time to stop the hatred message from Chavez towards Americans, and the United States. For at least eight years Chavez used the media networks to insult former President George W. Bush, U.S. Secretary of State, ambassadors, etc. because he does not like them. Chavez used the networks to release his frustration for hours insulting everyone with no respect nor consideration to those who had the displeasure to listen to the speeches. As you may know by now, Venezuelan experts have diagnosed Chavez as a bipolar, megalomaniac, sociopath leader. So, those around him must help him to seek treatment. Perhaps Chavez did not realize the harm that he caused to Venezuelan citizens including teenagers who grew up listening to hatred, and other abuses.

Venezuela gives the US an island owned by Citgo

The following article is circulating the Internet:

An Abominable Sentence

The following link is to pictures from the Summit of the Americas 2009 that I had not seen published elsewhere:


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Polo Horses & Human Rights

Update April 24

Statement of Keith Dane, Director of Equine Protection for The Humane Society of the United States, on the Death of 21 Polo Ponies

(April 23, 2009)—"While we still await conclusive results of toxicology tests, The Humane Society of the United States extends its condolences to those affected by the tragic deaths of the Polo ponies of the Lechuza Caracas team at the U.S. Open Polo Championship in Wellington, Fla. last Sunday. While news reports suggest that this may have been a case of accidental overdose of a toxic substance, this does not lessen the grief of those who cared for and loved these animals, and the American public. This tragedy has brought to light the absence of drug policies and regulation within the sport of polo. There are no prohibitions or testing requirements for the use of drugs or other performance-enhancing substances. The HSUS calls on the authorities involved to continue to vigorously pursue this investigation and for the polo industry to use this tragedy as a catalyst to begin implementing reforms to ensure that policies are enacted and enforced that will ensure better protection for the horses in its care."

Update April 23

Pharmacy Admits Error In Preparing Supplement

How pathetic, and sad can the death of the polo horses be? Where are the Food & Drug Administration's controls? Who will look out to avoid other tragedies like this one?


The Florida Department of Agriculture announced a criminal investigation on the death of the innocent polo horses from Venezuela. "We want to make sure from a law enforcement standpoint that there was no impropriety ... no purposeful harm or laws violated in Florida," said Terence McElroy, spokesman for the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, which is handling the case with help from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

In Human Rights matters, Venezuelans are proud of the
The Geneva Summit Manifesto of Human Rights Victims where Gonzalo Himiob Santome of Venezuela participated.

Attacks against journalists and news media will be reported to OAS, UN

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Updates on this April 19 2009

Updates at 9:55 PM:

While the press was dissecting Obama's handshake with infamous Chavez, Venezuelan opposition leaders and supporters were protesting Chavez's autocratic behavior. As mentioned in previous blog postings Venezuelans elected democratically opposition Mayor Antonio Ledezma on December 2008, but Chavez seems to have decided to eliminate his post, and have hand-picked his own supporter, created a new position above the Mayor's and assigned his supporter to that post against the will of Venezuelan citizens.

Anunciaron que la oposición marchará “unida” el 1 de Mayo (+Videos)

Obama Defends Reaching Out to Chávez By Sheryl Gay Stolberg

Obama Defends: Interactions with Chavez Don’t Show Signs of Weakness

“Chávez debe parar su discurso antiamericano de mal gusto”


Venezuelans commemorate on this date the proclamation of Venezuela's independence from abusers that took place on April 19, 1810. I wonder if the time has come now for a new proclamation:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Confronted on Political Prisoners at Summit of the Americas

Protest in Support of Political Persecuted by Chavez

Venezuelan citizens are gathering in Caracas to protest Chavez's persecution against those who disagree with his politics.

Acto constitutivo del Frente Unitario Nacional en Defensa de la Democracia.

Anuncio de las funciones y acciones concretas a seguir del FUNDD

Apoyo al Alcalde Antonio Ledezma, Alcalde Manuel Rosales y a todos los perseguidos políticos, es decir, a todos los políticos demócratas.
Invitan TODOS los Partidos Políticos y muchas Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil.

Fecha; este domingo 19 de abril
Hora: 10.00 a.m.
Lugar: en la terraza del Colegio de Ingenieros (Metro: Colegio de Ingenieros)

The following comments from the Summit of the Americas 2009 are circulating the Internet:

From the New York Times:

As for the other big draw here, Mr. Chávez, Mr. Harper said he was not surprised to see the Venezuelan leader strike up a relationship with Mr. Obama.

“My observation: President Chávez is a character, and notwithstanding his hard-line ideology that I am a firm opponent of — be under no illusion about that — he’s actually an affable and gregarious and open personality,” Mr. Harper said. “And for whatever reason, he seems in a particularly good mood this weekend, and we’re all grateful for that.”

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