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More About the US$800,000 Caught

Dear Journalists,

Attached below please find posting written by Blogger Daniel Duquenal concerning the US$800,000 that a Chavista brought to Argentina as reported in my previous posting:

Questions on the Maletagate: when Venezuelan nationals get rides with 800 000 in cash

The unraveling of the suitcase full of cash caught in Buenos Aires keeps its breathtaking advance. That is, thanks to Argentina media mostly as here in Venezuela only today finally the government must have realized that they could not keep dodging the bullet for that long.I am going to spare the reader about the wishy washy reactions of the Venezuela government. Apparently they have been pushed enough by the public opinion (even die hard chavistas can visualize a carry on bag with enough stash in it that it takes one hour to count it). They have been pushed by the Argentinean government that wants to deflect the story A.S.A.P. before the Cristina campaign tanks out. And pushed by the very hated media of course. Pushed by that media (though many have a very low profile, not wanting to antagonize Chavez) the PDVSA head, Ramirez, talked again of media lynching of PDVSA, instead of giving the answers expected from him.

I am not surprised by the minimizing comment that Ramirez made concerning the huge amount of money caught by Argentinean police. In or about the year 2000 official reports were circulating in the Internet that Ramirez allegedly had in U.S. banks at least US$80 Million. Just image how much money Ramirez may have by this date, so $800,000 seems like nothing at least to him, and/or to Chavez and thugs.

Please visit Daniel Duquenal's blog where you can read more about the US$800,000 in the postings:

- Why Chavez wants to close RCTV and Globovision
- A corruption "gotcha'" in Venezuela

So, one wonders why Chavez has so many loyal supporters!


The Venezuelan Foreign Minister (previous Metro Bus Driver chosen by Chavez for this formely prestigious post) told the Press that people are caught with US$800,000 in their brief cases all the time at world airports:

Obviously, the lack of training of the Metro Bus Driver/Foreign Minister facilitates the infamous Chavez to provide disinformation to the public.

So, honest Venezuelans are suffering for having worked all their lives with respect and integrity and seeing their life's savings disappear in comparison with developed world currencies. While Chavez and thugs are having a ball with what ever amounts of money they want allegedly breaking laws, and depositing funds at allegedly also corrupted world banks.

To my distinguished readers, please do report what is happening in Venezuela to international justice systems.


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Venezuela's Political Disaster - August 11, 2007

Dear Journalists,

Outrageous corruption has hit the fan in Venezuela, and is out in the open for every one to see with the capture of a Chavez's supporter by Argentinean police transporting US$800.000 in cash in his brief case.

Please know that when Chavez learnt about his supporter being caught with the huge amount of U.S. dollars in Buenos Aires immediately cursed and blamed the media as reported by Globovision:

Argentinean press reports that the infamous supporter had traveled twelve times to Buenos Aires from Venezuela in the last year:

Just do the math 800,000 x 12 = 960,000,000 ? humm

Venezuelan Journalist Rodolfo Schmidt writes in his article "El maletínazo" y los Medios published in Libertad Plena that "bagmen" take off from Ramp 4 of the Maiquetia airport without going through customs, nor government controls Cadivi "bagmen", que reparten -y recogen- maletines llenos de efectivo, salen de la Rampa 4 (la sólo "presidencial" de Maiquetía) al mundo, sin aduana, registro, control, Cadivi, sin Ley contra los ilícitos cambiarios….

Venezuelan Journalists Marianella Salazar and Tulio Álvarez reported on the radio that it was actually a Venezuelan National Guard who was carrying the big bucks as reported by the link below:

Please read anonymous questions asked by Venezuelans concerning the alleged criminally involved private aircraft posted in my blog 2:

In the 1980's Venezuelans could buy one dollar with 4,30 bolivares, under Chavez's abusive regime the exchange rate is approximately 4,200 bolivares for one dollar. Thus, destroying business transactions from honest Venezuelan citizens and damaging the quality of life each day. You can see how Chavez and supporters live!

Please read article written by Journalist Valentin Arenas for Gentiuno:

Venezuelans need international justice systems to implement laws including action against Chavez's abuse of power, and corruption.


Maru Angarita

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