Sunday, July 12, 2009

Double Standards

Dear Journalists,

The international press has been reporting ousted or impeached Manuel Zelaya's numerous trips in his goal to go back to Honduras. There are comments that Hugo Chavez is allegedly financing all the expenses to restore Zelaya into power. Venezuelans are questioning why Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner is not offering their presidential aircraft (aka Botox 1).

Coup in Honduras Reveals a Global Double Standard Mac Margolis

Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat wrote in his biweekly column about the double standards taking place in Honduras:

La doble moral internacional

Honduran Cardinal puts the blame on President Chávez for the crisis

While Chavez is raising hell insulting and threatening world leaders it seems that he has totally neglected Venezuelan citizens. The following report from Norway is circulating the Internet where hospitals lack medicines, and all types of services:

TV2 in Norway report on Venezuelan hospitals

Venezuelan authorities continue to lay a siege to mass media

Archive video of Chavez insulting OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza

"The Inter American Democratic Charter was meant to avoid abuses like Zelaya's and not to protect abusers like Zelaya." Pedro Mario Burelli


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