Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coward Chavez

Coward Hugo Chavez is attacking unarmed students with a dangerous vicious weapon as reported by

Venezuelan Nazional Guard unveils new weapon to repress students
January 28, 2010

GN defiende el empleo de "dispositivo de protección policial"

Hugo Chavez's presidential strikeout

All civilized organizations are called to help out Venezuelans against Chavez's abuse of power.

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Monday, January 25, 2010


Update January 26

Today has been a day of outrageous rumors, some sound very realistic, but press resources have not confirmed any rumors as real concerning Chavez and his new plans.

Student killed in Venezuela TV station protests

Students protested today by marching and creating disturbances as shown in the pictures below:

Dear Journalists,

Chavez's No. 2 resigns, citing personal reasons

How Hugo Chavez's revolution crumbled

Hugo Chavez's ideological campaign is finally on the brink of collapse. -
By Jackson Diehl

Alleged Venezuelans upset by Chavez's abuse of power have left a sign in front of the Embassy of Venezuela in Washington, DC:

Pictures of students' protest in Caracas:

Removal of anti-Chavez TV channel spurs protests

This day of January 25 has brought up several issues in Venezuela. Chavez’s vice president, defense minister, and environmental minister resigned their posts. A breaking news announced that Chavez is not accepting the VP’s resignation.

General en Jefe Mata Figueroa asumirá ministerio de la Defensa

Students protested today in Caracas the closing of Radio Caracas Television, and other channels via cable. There are eyewitness reports of unarmed high school freshmen attacked by the Police with tear gas, and pellets.

Student demonstration in Caracas dispersed with tear gas

Students will protest again tomorrow on a new march (video)

US worried about removal of TV channels in Venezuela

There are reports that while Chavez closed down the cable television stations he has invested on an independent television channel in Nicaragua.

Statement of the OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza Regarding the Removal of Cable Channels in VenezuelaJanuary 25, 2010

The Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression rejected the closing of cable television channels in VenezuelaJanuary 24, 2010

Venezuela President Chavez orders TV station off the air


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