Monday, August 03, 2009

Attack Against Globovision

Dear Journalists,

Chavez's supporters attacked Globovision television network's headquarters earlier today with two grenades, tear gas, and other weapons. There are victims injured.

A group of pro-government demonstrators fires tear gas against headquarters of TV channel

Reports with video and photographs:

34 radio stations forced off air in Venezuela

Please know that they same group who attacked Globovision on this date allegedly is responsible for the attacks against Caracas' synagogue a few months ago. There are reports that the alleged leader of that violent group meets with Chavez on a regular basis.

Immediately following the violent attack in Globovision Venezuela suffered a nationwide four-hour electrical blackout which citizens accuse Chavez of manipulating to avoid the spread of the news.

Falla eléctrica se registra en varias zonas del país

Venezuelans are not able to defend themselves against Chavez and his thugs. The actions that Venezuelans are experiencing under Chavez qualify as abuses against human rights.


Maru Angarita

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