Friday, July 03, 2009

Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma is on hunger strike

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Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma has declared a hunger strike inside the offices of the Organization of American States in Caracas. The 54 year old mayor is demanding:

1. That Hugo Chavez provide the funding to pay the salaries of his Mayor's Office employees. It seems that Chavez is illegally holding funds to the Mayor's office.

2. Chavez to stop the destruction of the Mayor's office.

3. That the OAS sends a mission to Caracas to see what is taking place in the Caracas Mayor's office, and that of the governors of states of Tachira, Zulia, Miranda, Carabobo y Nueva Esparta.


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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And Zelaya comes to Washington


The following link is to opinion article written by Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat explaining Chavez's meddling in Honduras. It seems that Chavez is persuading other Latin American leaders to change their constitution to perpetuate themselves in power. This action is punishable by the Inter American Democratic Charter which Chavez is asking to implement in Honduras! Something is really wrong:

Dear Journalists,

I am pleased to add to my blog Pedro Mario Burelli's analysis on the aftermath of Zelaya's deportation from Honduras reacting to The Washington Post's editorial:

Defend Democracy
In Honduras, that should mean more than restoring the president to office.

That's one reason the Obama administration should not limit itself to seeking Mr. Zelaya's return to office. It should also speak out more clearly about the abuses that prompted his removal -- abuses that are taking place in other Latin American countries, such as neighboring Nicaragua -- and the people who are actively fomenting the attacks on democracy, such as Mr. Chávez.

Pedro Mario Burelli is an Internationalist from Harvard University.

PMBComments: On The Deep Mess in Honduras: Cause and Consequences All Mixed Up
I was writing a comment about Honduras from Moscow, when I came across this excellent Editorial from the Washington Post that states my position better than I could do it with little time in my hands. The two things I will add is that 1) governability cannot be imposed from the outside once it has been deliberately destroyed from within (and this is the principal crime of Mr. Zelaya and his handlers: Fidel, Hugo and the drug cartels that have made Honduras their stepping stone to the U.S.), and 2) the demonstrable failure of the OAS contributed to this sorry mess. The thought of Mr. Insulza aspiring to a second term after his failure of leadership is a travesty. So is the silence of all the Latin leaders in the face of the criminally absurd and totally interventionist statements by Hugo Chavez - Zelaya's corrupter and puppeteer.

The Inter American Democratic Charter was meant to avoid abuses like Zelaya's and not to protect abusers like Zelaya. It is a sorry day when this document is pulled out of the bottom drawer to reimpose what had become untenable and maybe even illegal. One can only expect that sane minds will prevail and the U.S. - once again confronted with events that do not conform to their preferred script -, and others, can soon redirect their "indignation" to the source and not the consequences. PMB

Word is that Zelaya may be already in Washington ready for a meeting at the Organization of American States on July 1 as reported by Le Monde in France:

Après s'être exprimé ce mardi à la tribune, M. Zelaya a prévu de faire escale à Washington, mercredi, avant de retourner jeudi au Honduras, accompagné d'une délégation de l'Organisation des Etats américains, dirigée par le secrétaire général de l'OEA,
José Miguel Insulza.

New Honduran President Warns Former Leader of Arrest

Next is editorial by Daniel Duquenal:

Diego Arria on Chavez and Honduras

I hope and pray that democracy is restored in Latin America implementing correctly the Democratic Charter. The United Nations, and the Organizations of America States should protect and defend abuse of power by leaders like Zelaya and Hugo Chavez.



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Monday, June 29, 2009

Experts analyze Honduras and Chavez's meddling

Experts are starting to provide feedback on the situation in Honduras and infamous Chavez's meddling in other countries affairs. Attached below please find some of the links from today's news:

Human Rights Expert Analyzes Honduran Coup

Human Rights Expert Says Obama Should Keep Out Of Honduras Situation

Honduras regional implications

CNN's Pauline Chiou talks with former Venezuelan ambassador to the U.N. about the military led coup in Honduras.

Honduras Defends Its Democracy by Mary Anastasia O'Grady

Honduras Leader Faces Backlash From Coup
Protesters Demanding Return of Exiled President Clash with Military, as Micheletti Defends Ouster as 'Within the Law'

What is it with leaders taking over power? Is it the money? Or is it megalomania? Or both?

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Zelaya falls

Revision and Update:

There must be a way to stop abusive governments without overthrows. Perhaps if Manuel Zelaya would had been dismissed from his presidency while the Honduran congress enforces penalties then the decision would be respected internationally.

While this breaking news in Honduras most of the opposition experts in Venezuela are holding off making comments. However, regular citizens would like the Organization of American States to recognize abuse of power and to assist to recover democracy in Venezuela enforcing the Democratic Charter.

La OEA exige el regreso de Zelaya y no reconocerá otro Gobierno

Chavez is threatening to overthrow who ever becomes the new president of Honduras:

Cartoon already:

So, complaints about meddling in other countries' politics applies to everyone else, but not to Hugo Chavez.

Chavez's own coup d'état in 1992:'%C3%A9tat_attempts

The Ambassador of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, and the Honduran Chancellor have been kidnapped in Honduras:

Militares encapuchados secuestran a los Embajadores de Venezuela, Nicaragua y Cuba

Hmmm, it seems that people in Honduras are demanding stop to abuse of power.

There are uncomfirmed reports that Chavez's supporters are gathering in Caracas in Plaza La Castellana to raise havoc.

The following link reports what happened yesterday in Honduras:

Dear Journalists,

Venezuelan citizens who oppose Chavez are watching with excitement the arrest of Honduran President Juan Manuel Zelaya hoping for a domino effect with those leaders abusing power:

The excellent news is that infamous Chavez suspended today his seizing of the networks to brainwash those Venezuelans who do not know any better:

Earlier this week there was the welcome news that the United States and Venezuela are to resume full diplomatic representation:

However, as long as Chavez continues with his marginal thinking, throwing tantrums at will, disrespecting everyone in his path, ruling for himself and not for the well being of Venezuelan citizens as a whole nothing would change. Chavez needs to get his act together and realize that democracy and human rights must be respected. Chavez must stop the oppression against citizens and those who oppose him. Chavez still has a limited amount of educated staff in his diplomatic corps who could actively enhance the bilateral relationship.


Maru Angarita

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