Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Venezuelans need international intervention

At fifty-one days of protests the Venezuelan opposition needs international intervention. It seems that United States Congress is acting on identifying dictatorship’s thieves who took over US$300 billion and that are spread out worldwide from Australia to perhaps Zambia and nations in between. Venezuelans are grateful that President Trump is taking action against the dictatorship in Venezuela. As an Independent voter who voted passionately for Hillary Clinton always knew that the GOP would take  action to restore democracy in Venezuela. Democrats are excellent, but seem to have disregarded Venezuela.
As you may have already viewed horrendous images of crimes against humanity in Venezuela it is amazing that Venezuelan protesters keep on going and are determined to restore democracy. Nevertheless, protesters are defending themselves with rocks, card board shields, poupoutovs and other almost prehistoric tools while the dictatorship attacks with robocops, tons of tear gas, and other weapons. It has been reported dictartoship’s snipers on building roofs and soldiers shooting at residents in the safety of their homes.
Please help Venezuelans by sending United Nations peace keeping units and have all international leaders help in every way possible. Venezuelans must restore democracy,
Maru Angarita