Saturday, October 08, 2005

Venezuela's Political Disaster - October 8 2005

Dear Journalists,

In the last few years journalists and bloggers have denounced Chavez's abuse of power. It may seem hard for you from abroad to feel the pain of Venezuelans but I have seen loved ones suffer under the Chavez regime. Many Venezuelans are suffering traumatic stress from living under a deranged leader.

In my previous posting I compared Chavez's abuse to the Watergate scandal but on a huge scale. However, Chavez's abuse of power may be easier to describe if you would compare it to a domestic violent abuser who just tares your property apart destroying your belongings and what you have had worked for all your life.

Chavez seems to have lost all sense of duty and may have forgotten what is like to have to work to earn money. Chavez and his supporters have become filthy rich in just a few years. Where is Chavez getting the money? How much does he earn as president of Venezuela? Are his supporters just getting huge bonuses for the oil production while the middle class has to put up with the daily mental abuse of Chavez?

Attached herewith please find link written by University of Harvard graduate Internationalist Maruja Tarre describing Chavez's Nouveau Rich status:

The next links explain what has happened to Venezuela's Central Bank:

In other matters, Venezuelans are writing letters to ABC Journalist Ted Koppel requesting to report the Opposition view of Chavez following the infamous interview on Nightline (link in resources). Attached below please find open letter to Mr. Koppel written by Internationalist Pedro Mario Burelli:


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Sunday, October 02, 2005

RE: Venezuela's Political Disaster - October 2 2005

Dear Journalists,

Just a few days away from reading the news from Venezuela makes it hard to write about it thus I can easily understand why some people still defend Chavez because he was democratically elected. It would help those who still defend Chavez to compare it to the Watergate scandal but on a huge scale of major abuse and corruption.

Chavez's new whim is to expropriate private property if the farmers are not producing as much as they should in their farms. With his very newly acquired wealth Chavez perhaps forgot that honest people who work for a living at times must struggle to save money to produce income. Civil organizations are gathering to act against the violation of private property as indicated in the attached links:

In the meantime private citizens are silently protesting placing paper made human skeletons around the cities. The first day that seventy paper skeletons appeared (not Halloween related) Chavez allegedly freaked out and the police removed all the skeletons as indicated in the links below:

The recent embarrassing fight during a National Assembly started by a Chavista against a member of the Opposition is a reminder of the Chavistas' intelligence level and quality of life. Most likely the attacker is a domestic violence abuser and who was sure to show what a macho man he is by using violence as indicated in the next link:

The press article "Invasion allegation based on war game" by Phil Gunson and Steven Dudley published in the Miami Herald this date was written following ABC Journalist Ted Koppel's interview to infamous Chavez in Nightline:

There is an e-mail circulating the Internet saying that one of the Madrid terrorist is allegedly hiding out in Venezuela:

"Peña también entrego una foto de Mustafa Nasar, acusado de los atentados>terroristas en Madrid, quien estaría actualmente en Venezuela protegido por>el presidente de ALCASA Carlos Lanza Rodríguez. Peña dijo que no tiene >dudas que el individuo esta en Ciudad Bolívar."


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