Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hugo Chavez’s support for Gadhafi

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SHAME to Kansas State Representative (R) Virgil Peck


It never fails that the true character of humans comes out in moments of crisis. In these times of terrible year 2011 where the worst of situations are taking place, infamous Hugo Chavez is supporting Moammar Gadhafi while he acts criminally against his own people. In his infamous speech to the nation today Chavez demanded a cease fire in Libya:

Presidente Chávez exigió el cese de la agresión en Libia

Chavez actually compared Moammar Gadhafi to Liberator Simon Bolivar

Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat explained the coalition to defend Libyans:

Más vale tarde que nunca

Ambassador Diego Arria reminded us of the 1992 Libyan attack against the Embassy of Venezuela in Tripoli:

Security Council Condemns Libya for Embassy Attacks

Since day one Hugo Chavez has been helping everyone else in the world, but Venezuelans. As a matter of fact, Venezuelans seem to be the least of his priorities, and has acted against them on a constant basis. Just to name a few: The victims of Vargas’ landslides, where he refused foreign humanitarian help, expropriations, allegedly imposing food shortages, and destruction of Radio Caracas Television. Many claim that the insecurity and violence in Venezuela is part of Chavez’s plan to control the population through intimidation and fear. In the last few days, Chavez seems to be abusing the mandatory seizing of the networks so he can talk non-stop blocking citizens from their favorite music, tv shows and relaxing time. These remarks are explained by Professor Valentín Arenas Amigo in his article:

Cadenas que encadenan la libertad:

Venezuelans need the aid from world leaders, and the International Court of Justice, to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracy.


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