Saturday, October 18, 2014

Someone please explain …

Dear Journalists and VIPs,
Someone please explain how in the world Venezuela has won a sit in the United Nations Security Council.
Watching the pictures of those who attended the voting there are some who have been reported having their assets frozen in Swiss banks. For the last several years there have been reports of outrageous amounts of money owned by those few individuals in the pictures. Then, there were reports of a US$13,000 tip to a Nello’s Restaurant waiter in New York City, and a luncheon with several foreign ambassadors at Le Cirque Restaurant in the same city during the United Nations General Assembly all paid by the large Venezuelan delegation to the UN. There was also the presence of infamous Hugo Chavez’s daughter who has been reported allegedly living unofficially at the Casona, Venezuelan presidential residence, and a huge property in Argentina, and has moved to NYC.
In the meantime, Venezuelan citizens are traumatized, or suffer from post traumatic stress, or are terrified because of the out-of-control violence in the nation, lack of quality of life they once had, and lack of all basic needs including food and medicines. Loved ones have died because medicines were not available for easily treatable illnesses. Their businesses are not able to keep up with the absurd laws, and their credit have been ruined because of pathetic foreign exchange controls.
Did the Venezuelan officials pay those in the European Parliament to vote for them?  Are the members of the EU unaware of the situation in Venezuela?
Those who voted to have Venezuela in the prestigious United Nations Security Council should move and live in Venezuela as regular citizens without body guards, and without individual food and medicine shipments for their needs. Knowing the European idiosyncrasy those individuals would be marching protesting big time.
 Venezuelans need help from world leaders to assure the safety of the opposition leaders, and the International Court of Justice, to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracy.

Maru Angarita
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