Saturday, September 26, 2009

Venezuelan Executive Arrested by Chavez

High executive from Venezuela has been violently arrested by Chavez's supporters, and his agriculture plantation of sugar cane has been destroyed by Chavez's tractors:

Gómez Sigala es trasladado a los tribunales de Lara

Video of the arrest and the tractors' destruction

The following text in Spanish is a world alert from Marcel Granier, President and C.E.O. of Radio Caracas Television. This alert has been circulating the Internet:

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Chavez's interview on CNN's Larry King Live

Dear Journalists,

Misogynist Hugo Chavez was invited to CNN's Larry King Live where he immediately blasted U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is his characteristic put down on women who are way more qualified that the infamous thug lieutenant colonel. Hillary Clinton has met with Venezuelan opposition leaders and may know what U.S. Ambassador Otto Reich has explained that (President) “Obama needs to call Venezuela’s president what he is: a terrorist and a drug-trafficker."

Chavez behaved in Larry King Live’s interview of his infamous personalities as a civilized individual far from how he behaves in front of Venezuelans in his abusive seizing of the networks for over four hours talking non-sense, singing, and consuming coca leaves. Chavez seemed like if he were in Disney World as depicted once by Reuters:

The following link is to some questions posed by bloggers and sent to LKL for consideration:

Chavez claims that he wants civilized nations to respect Venezuelans, but why does he insult everyone and disrespect human rights? Why does he keep political prisoners?

If Chavez wants to be a better leader he must respect human rights, treat Venezuelan civilians with dignity and respect, and enforce democracy. He should practice honest and transparent elections so Venezuelans will not be cheated by alleged manipulated results. Chavez must keep in mind the law of reciprocity where

“The law of reciprocity can basically be summed up by stating the golden rule: do unto others as you would have others do unto you. However it goes one step further than this. The law states that whatever you do will be returned back to you. In other words, if you want to create success for yourself, help someone else become successful.”


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