Thursday, May 04, 2017

Where is the American reporting of Venezuela’s urgent situation?

Dear Journalists,
Venezuelan unarmed protesters are being attacked and executed by military, paramilitaries and other government forces. Yesterday, a peaceful 17 year old protester was assassinated by the police. Malicious rumors like death of beloved political prisoners were spread out to anguish citizens. All the abuses are taking place while pathetic Nicolas Maduro is shown dancing non-stop. Citizens report that the police officers have Cuban accents.
Venezuelans worldwide are reaching out to local governments for help. France24 in the middle of presidential elections dedicates large coverage to the brutal situation in Venezuela. The BBC is also reporting all events. The Washington Post is providing excellent reports from the Associated Press. Reuters and other news have reporters in Caracas and throughout the nation.
However, in the United States of America, television networks seem to be ignoring or minimizing the situation in Venezuela. Therefore, there is no pressure to legislators to take action to defend unarmed Venezuelans who are hostages of a brutal dictatorship. Please help Venezuelans restore democracy!
Maru Angarita