Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hugo Chavez's Miners

The following joke is circulating the Internet imagining if the 33 Chilean miners had been trapped in a mine in Venezuela under Hugo Chavez's leadership:

1) al momento de conocerse la noticia el gobierno lo habria negado argumentando una campaña mediatica del imperio y sus lacayos.

2) le echarian la culpa a la oposicion por saboteo.
3) luego de 90 dias establecen el primer contacto para saber si estan vivos.
4) a los 100 dias le envian las primeras bolsas de mercal con publicidad del gobierno (Pudreval)
5) a los seis meses la asamblea logra aprobar los recursos para la compra del taladro a cuba.
6) chavez se encadenaria 6 horas diarias para q lo vean operando el taladro q fidel le enseño a manejar
7) se caen 2 sukoi 4 helicopteros y 3 barcos se hunden
8) los rescatistas se declaran en huelga por q les deben 4 meses de salario y 2 de cesta ticket
9) chavez expropia la mina otra vez por especuladores 10) al final despues de un año son rescatados el 48% de los mineros el otro 52% no por q aparecen en la lista de Tascon

A very rough translation is:
1. the moment the news was known the government would had denied it arguing that it was a media campaign by the empire.
2. the opposition would be blamed for sabotage.
3. after 90 days the government made first attempt to verify if the miners were alive.
4. after 100 days they send the first packages of food from Chavez's government with political advertisements.
5. after six months the national assembly approves funding to buy drilling equipment from Cuba.
6. Chavez would seize all media networks for six hours daily to show off operating the new drill that Fidel Castro taught him to operate.
7. 2 Sukoi, 4 helicopters crashed and 3 ships sunk.
8. the rescuers go on strike because the government owes them 4 months of salary and 2 of of food bonus.
9. Chavez expropriates de mine because of speculation,
10. after one year 48% of miners are rescued and the other 52% a missing because they show in the Tascon list.

I wonder if people died by government neglect in the 1999 landslides in Venezuela.

I would like to add my admiration to Sebastian Piñera, President of Chile, for his will to successfully rescue all the miners.

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