Friday, November 27, 2009

Venezuela’s Political Disaster – November 27, 2009

Updated November 28

Dear Journalists,

The French government called the Venezuelan Ambassador in France after Hugo Chavez’s outrageous statements concerning terrorist El Chacal who is kept prisoner in France for the death of two DST police officers, and their informant. In 1975 Chacal organized the kidnapping of eleven OPEC ministers in Vienna, Austria where three persons were killed. He also attempted to shoot down an El Al aircraft at Orly airport. A few days later Chacal took two hostages at Orly where there were twenty-one injured as reported by Le Monde.

Francia convocó al embajador venezolano en París por elogios de Chávez a “El Chacal”

Hugo Chavez, président du Venezuela, encense "Carlos"

Paris summons Venezuelan ambassador

The following is opinion article “Provocacion” written by Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat.

Please know that seems to be having technical issues, thus I posted the article on my blog 2. Ambassador Taylhardat explains Chavez’s direct provocation against Colombia for blowing up two border bridges.

There are tense issues in Venezuela with the student protesters in front of the Organization of American States offices in Caracas. There are reports that someone threw a toxic chemical against them earlier today. Chavez continues to minimize the students complaints.

Students want OAS, IACHR to pressure the government,-i_23A3101571.shtml

Venezuelans need help to restore democracy in the abused nation.


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Smartmatic Does Mexico by Alek Boyd

Update from Twitter:

"We, the people of Venezuela, Philippines, Bolivia, USA, and Mexico demand to see Smartmatic's Dutch tax returns!!! "

The following article written by Alek Boyd is currently circulating the Internet:

Smartmatic Does Mexico

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Video dedicated to Chavez and followers

The following video is circulating the Internet dedicated to Chavez and his followers:

In other events, the first lady of Trujillo State in Venezuela allegedly declared herself in charge of the Karate-Do championships, and made medals with her picture. However, the Karate-Do champions refused to wear the medals:

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