Saturday, April 22, 2006

Venezuela's Political Disaster - April 22, 2006

Dear Journalists,

The news from Venezuela are so bad that it is hard to prioritize the order in which I will present outline of the major issues that have taken place in the abused nation this week:

- Crime is worst than ever. The Washington Post clearly identifies the roots of the crime when Chavez always says that "It's OK to steal in order to eat." And, that "The rich are condemned to hell. Christ himself condemned them," Chavez said in a speech Tuesday. "I say it from the heart: to be rich is evil." The good news is that Chavez and thug supporters are richer than ever! There is a PowerPoint presentation circulating the Internet showing how his family came from poor to very rich in just several months.

- Cocaine exports through Venezuela are on the rise as reported by on the link below and major newspapers in Venezuela:

- Complete lack of Diplomacy rules Venezuela with constant daily embarrassments for those who care and disagree with Chavez. Below please find article written by Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat criticizing Chavez's sauvage and undiplomatic rhetoric against United States Ambassador William Brownfield:

The very ugly truth about what we all knew comparing Chavez's megalomania with Saddam Hussein was told by Chavez himself announcing in Uruguay that he would/will blow up Venezuela's oil fields as Hussein did during the Gulf War in 1991:

Venezuelans are hostages of Chavez and need international help in order to correct the current political disaster.

In strange better news, Teodoro Petkoff, owner of announced his candidacy for President of Venezuela. Since the 1960s Petkoff has been a controversial figure as explained by Alexander Boyd in this link:

I met Petkoff in Washington, DC in 1981 or 1982 when he came to a conference in Georgetown University among other Venezuelan politicians and I worked as a trainee at the Embassy of Venezuela. I had no comments since I was just listening and watching his demeanor. I also saw him a few times in Caracas in the early 1990s in restaurants at upscale El Hatillo. I believe that his children attended American colleges. I will double check.

Please scroll down in my blog and see the online petition for Maria Corina Machado as nominee to receive the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Prize 2006.


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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Venezuela's Political Disaster - April 16, 2006

Dear Journalists,

Maria Corina Machado, Executive Director of Sumate, has been nominated to receive the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights 2006 Prize for her ongoing work for democracy in Venezuela. "Ms. Machado is the founder and executive director of Sumate, an independent democratic civil society group in Venezuela" The White House.

Ms. Machado is currently facing in Venezuela unjust prosecution politically motivated.

I have added on my blog a petition for signatures supporting Maria Corina Machado's nomination created by Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat.


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Petition for the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights 2006 Prize - April 15, 2006

I am delighted to add to my blog a petition online for Maria Corina Machado, Director of SUMATE, as a candidate for the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights 2006 Prize.

The Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights is now accepting nominations for the 2006 RFK Human Rights Award.
The Award was established in 1984 to honor creative individuals who are engaged in strategic, creative and nonviolent efforts to overcome serious human rights violations. Presented annually, the Award reflects Robert Kennedy's opposition to tyranny and his belief in the power of individual moral courage to overcome injustice. The recipient of the RFK Human Rights Award becomes a laureate-partner with the RFK Center for Human Rights (CHR). The CHR provides complementary advocacy to the laureate-partner and his/her organization in support of long-term, sustainable social justice goals. To date, there are 36 laureates working in 21 countries. For a complete list of laureates and the work the CHR does in support of them, please visit"

Premio Robert F. Kennedy de Derechos Humanos2006 para María Corina Machado

View Current Signatures - Sign the Petition
To: Todos los que quieran firmar

Petición en línea proponiendo a María Corina Machado (Súmate) para el premio RFK de derechos humanos 2006 El Centro Memorial Robert F. Kennedy de derechos humanos está cursando invitaciones para proponer nombres de candidatos para el Premio de Derechos Humanos RFK 2006. El Premio RFK de Derechos Humanos fue creado en 1984 para “honrar individuos creativos comprometidos en estrategias y esfuerzos no-violentos para superar violaciones serias de los derechos humanos”. Ese premio refleja “el rechazo de Robert Kennedy a las tiranías y su fe en la fuerza del coraje moral de los individuos para superar la injusticia”. Los beneficiados con el premio se convierten en “miembros-laureados” del Centro RFK de derechos humanos. El Centro proporciona al miembro-laureado, y a su organización, colaboración y apoyo para el logro de sus metas sociales. Los abajo firmantes, integrantes del G400+ proponemos a María Corina Machado, Vice-Presidenta de la Junta de Directores y Gerente General de SÚMATE como candidata al Premio Robert F. Kennedy de Derechos Humanos 2006. Invitamos a todos los que se identifiquen con la democracia venezolana actualmente en peligro y con esta iniciativa a acompañarnos en esta propuesta. SUMATE es una organización de la sociedad civil venezolana que se ha distinguido por sus denodados esfuerzos para fomentar la libertad individual, la expresión libre del pensamiento y el pleno ejercicio de los derechos y deberes constitucionales en Venezuela. La lucha de SUMATE a favor de la protección de los derechos políticos de los venezolanos ha tenido como consecuencia que sus directivos María Corina Machado, Alejandro Plaz y Ricardo Esteves han sido imputados judicialmente bajo la acusación de traición a la patria. Los tres se encuentran actualmente sometidos a un injusto proceso penal promovido con fines exclusivamente políticos. Sincerely
, The UndersignedView Current Signatures The Premio Robert F. Kennedy de Derechos Humanos2006 para María Corina Machado Petition to Todos los que quieran firmar was created by G400+ and written by Adolfo R. Taylhardat ( This petition is hosted here at as a public service. There is no endorsement of this petition, express or implied, by Artifice, Inc. or our sponsors. For technical support please use our simple Petition Help form.

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Update: 4/16/06 Venezuela's Political Disaster April 6, 2006

The following is report from the Associated Press elaborating on the murder of the Photojournalist killed while covering a protest as indicated below:

Dear Journalists,

Venezuelans are outraged by the torture and murder of the Faddoul children and their driver who were kidnapped a few weeks ago and whose bodies were found yesterday.

Last night during the street prayers and protests condemning the increase of crime a photojournalist was shot dead. Reports say that the photojournalist's last picture was of his assassin. Journalists will march this morning to the Attorney General's office demanding justice:

In other matters, next please find opinion article written by Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat commenting on the nomination of election officials as recommended by the European Union Electoral Observers:


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