Sunday, July 22, 2007

Revised: Venezuela's Political Disaster - July 22, 2007

Dear Journalists,

Chavez said today during his abusive sizing of the networks in Venezuela, that no foreign can make comments in Venezuela against his government as indicated in the attached link below:

The following links is to articles from the United Nations reporting Chavez's speech to the General Assembly on September 21, 2006:

This is a typical Chavez's hypocritical message. He can do what ever he pleases, but he restrains others from freedom of speech.

Similarly, Chavez is constantly blasting the rich specially Venezuelans who worked very hard to get a better financial position for many years to provide for their families. He even has a saying that "Being Rich is Bad" (Ser Rico es Malo). As every one may know by this time since 1999 Chavez and thugs have amassed large sums of money from Venezuelans while Venezuelans' quality of life is worst every day.

The following link is to pictures of Chavez's Mother that have been circulating the Internet for several months showing her in 1999 and recently:

And of his oil company's employees in Florida:

Chavez's mayor's watch:

Venezuelans need help to re-establish democracy and freedom of speech in the abused country.


Maru Angarita

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