Thursday, May 25, 2006

Venezuela's Political Disaster - May 25, 2006

Dear Journalists,

Chavez may be rejoicing at home with the easily made billions of U.S. dollars gathered from oil production, while those of us who still drive cars powered by gasoline feel the pain at the pumps. Chavez also achieved appearing today front page on The Wall Street Journal's article "New President Has Bolivia Marching to Chavez's Beat" written by Jose de Cordova and David Luhnow. ABC World News also featured Chavez and the new oil wealth "Where Gas is Cheaper than Water."

Earlier this week, America on Line (AOL) published an article from the Associated Press reporting that Director Oliver Stone and British Producer John Daly may be preparing a movie about the 2002 Coup d'Etat against the infamous leader. However, there are several media reports denying the news about the possible film
"Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone said on Monday that he was not directing a movie about the 2002 coup in Venezuela despite an announcement to the contrary by President Hugo Chavez":,,2-1225-1243_1937632,00.html

Chavez is also actively supporting the government of Iran's nuclear program as reported in the attached link:

All of the above issues are part of the very ugly truth when any one suddenly earns billions of dollars in the Lotto, excuse me, oil production. In the meantime, the Venezuelan middle-class is struggling and citizens are suffering severe foreign exchange controls.


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