Monday, May 31, 2010

BULLETIN: Chavez fails to invite international observers


Ambassador Diego Arria denounced in Europe Hugo Chavez's human rights abuses as reported in the attached link:

Denunció a Venezuela ante instituciones internacionales por “violación a los DD.HH”

The G400+ Group reports and condemns Hugo Chavez’s refusal to invite international observers for the upcoming elections in Venezuela scheduled for September 26. Chavez’s action must raise huge red flags in the international community. Venezuelans are hostages of the Chavez administration. Chavez who manipulates everything on his favor disregarding civil and human rights is acting with immunity. All world leaders just watch, and do nothing.

Declaración sobre el CNE y el proceso electoral

Who can protect Venezuelan citizens against this terrible situation? A few years ago some U.S. Congress Representatives responded to my letters saying that Chavez was elected democratically. Hopefully, they must have seen otherwise.

Below please read open letter to the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from members of U.S. Congress:

Readers recommend the following article describing the new burial styles in Venezuela where thugs play salsa a full volume, commit robberies, and fire guns in front of funeral homes disrupting the areas traffic and endangering civilians:

Salsa, robos y tiros para rendir "tributo",-robos-y-tiros_1906900.shtml

The following financial report is from Goldman Sachs:

Venezuelans expect the aid from the International Court of Justice to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracy!


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