Saturday, July 17, 2010

Terrorism, Voodoo et al


Dear Journalists,

Outrageous news like the ones coming from Venezuela this week are making worldwide reports. Colombian President Alvaro Uribe released military intelligence documents explaining the presence of the FARC in Venezuela as reported on the links below:

Colombia alista las pruebas contra Venezuela que presentará el jueves en la OEA

Colombia: 1,500 FARC Rebels In Venezuela – Report

Farc tienen 1.500 hombres en 28 campamentos en Venezuela

Así se mueven las Farc en Venezuela

Bolivarian gangsters prosper politically

The above mentioned reports are not new as confirmed by U.S. State Department Spokesman Philip Crowley published on

Venezuela is obliged to "prevent terrorist groups from operating in its territory. We are studying these reports (about the possible presence of Colombian rebels in Venezuela). Some of this is not new, since there has been concern for some time about cross-border activities or involvement in rebel activities."

The following link is to picture of Chavez’s Vice President with a late FARC leader in a government office in Caracas:

The other news making worldwide reports is the “scientific” exhumation of Liberator Simon Bolivar by Hugo Chavez at midnight. Those who know about Santeria and Voodoo claim that most likely Chavez out-of-desperation proceeded to exhume a few days ago the ashes of Bolivar’s lover, and the body of Simon Bolivar himself. The excellent news about this type of behavior is that if indeed Simon Bolivar has been awaken then Venezuelans can be reassured that Hugo Chavez will be imprisoned faster than ever thought. Simon Bolivar detested thugs, and fought to free Venezuelans from abusers.

First scientific testing of Bolívar's remains

Mostraron en cadena nacional el esqueleto del Libertador Simón Bolivar (+ Video)

Why Venezuela's Chávez Dug Up Bolívar's Bones By Tim Padgett,8599,2004526,00.html

Otro ultraje al altar de la patria by Ambassador Adolfo R. Taylhardat

Special thanks to the government of Chile for reaching out to help Venezuelans by volunteering election observers. Hopefully, Venezuelans will be able to restore democracy in the near future.

Venezuela bans Chilean Senators as electoral observers

Related link:

Venezuelans need the aid from the International Court of Justice to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracy.


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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Former Minister of Health in Venezuela, Angel Rafael Orihuela, MD is making an urgent call explaining that Venezuelan citizens are living with expired medicines, and spoiled food. Dr. Orihuela further explains that there are illnesses in Venezuela some of which have been previously eradicated. Dr. Orihuela provides figures to assure that Hugo Chavez’s program with Cuban doctors has failed as reported by the following link:

As I write this posting there are several loved ones living in Venezuela currently suffering from different stages of dengue.

In terrorists matters, the following articles are currently circulating the Internet:

Bolivarian gangsters prosper politically

Venezuelans need the aid from the International Court of Justice to resolve abuse of power and restore democracy. The International Red Cross should verify what is the current epidemic situation in Venezuela.

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