Saturday, November 05, 2005

Les Cris des Français

C'est absolutement une honte voir comme La France est envahie par des gens pas productifs et qui profitent du gouvernement chaque jour et qui avec rage détruisent la ville! Les Français ont eu déjà assez des abus contre le pays! Ça suffit!

Attached below please find link to article describing the current situation in France.

When is the French government going to stop daily riots? What about using the Military?

"French President Jacques Chirac promptly condemned Sarkozy rather than the Moslem rioters. Such talk by Sarkozy – Chirac’s main political rival – showed a “lack of respect” for the rioters, which “could lead to a dangerous situation.” by Dr. Jack Wheeler.

Oú est la Liberté, Fraternité et l'Egalité si les citoyens sont abusés par la violence des minorités.


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RE: Venezuela's Political Disaster - November 5, 2005

Dear Journalists,

Stray and profane Chavez left the Fourth Summit of the Americas taking place in Mar de Plata, Argentina to join his alleged financed protest against President Bush at the People's Summit which wrecked havoc in the city causing fires and other destruction of property.

Chavez climaxed doing what he likes to do best showing off yelling obscenities. Sadly Chavez is blind to see that Venezuelans are in need of immediate solutions to financial issues such as to improve working conditions, improve the economy including neglected hospitals, get rid of the severe foreign exchange controls affecting the middle class who is trying to survive each day more oppressive laws and the torment of his presence interrupting peace and harmony in the average Venezuelan homes.

Chavez seems to have only contact with his happy Venezuelan $upporter$ who suddenly started living in beautiful houses, with huge bank accounts, and who are set to retire with all their comforts ever dreamed of as long as they follow what the infamous leader says and wants.

I would like to give special thanks to Journalist Ted Koppel and his staff for responding to many letters and telephone calls from Chavez's critics and airing the truth about Chavez on ABC Nightline. Please read response from one of the critics at Pedro Mario Burelli's Comments:

I wonder if Chavez is motivated by the commerce of illegal commodities. In addition to his mental instability does Chavez have a drug abuse problem, or was he cured in Cuba?


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Monday, October 31, 2005

Venezuela's Political Disaster - October 31, 2005

Dear Journalists,

Attached below please find link to report about seven young activists placing Opposition campaign posters who were arrested in Caracas earlier today:,,1605280,00.html

Please know that Chavez has financed to Cuba US$850M over the past five years as indicated in the attached link:

Vcrisis has published thorough report from Sumate concerning the current political situation in Venezuela:

Below please find report of the condition of the Venezuelan hospitals while Chavez travels the world:


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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Venezuela's Political Disaster - October 30, 2005

Dear Journalists,

I am pleased to attach herewith link to The Washington Post editorial about Venezuela and human rights abuses from the Chavez regime:

Next please find commentary to The Washington Post editorial made by Internationalist Pedro Mario Burelli:

I continue to recommend the reading of J. Mark Waller, PhD's document "What to Do About Venezuela."

Please know that every paragraph that Dr. Waller wrote makes anyone who feels the pain about the Venezuela situation react with deep emotions. I would like to point out at this time when Venezuelan political candidates prepare for new elections, that Chavez stopped financial assistance to political parties in Venezuela. So, is Chavez the only one that can use funds to pay lobbyists and propaganda for himself? Please read page 3 first paragraph of the above referenced document.

Venezuelan Opposition candidates campaign starts today:

List of Candidates:
· Aragua. Pedro Elías Hernández y Eloy Rojas.
· Barinas. Héctor Villamediana, Fernando Cazorla y Fray Vega.
· Miranda. Arturo Castro, Pedro José Rojas, Roberto López.
· Cojedes. Héctor Campos.
· Carabobo. Nelson Pérez, Alexis Ortiles, Solángel Monasterios, Julio Martí, Yorbis Torres, Armando Martínez, Migdalia de López y Soraya Reyes.
· Distrito Capital. Fueron postulados los Principales Luis Ramón Laya y Manuel Quintero, y la suplente Betty León.
· Lara. Principal y lista, Alfredo Alvarez.
· Táchira. Gustavo Azócar.
· Parlamento Latinoamericano. Adolfo Taylhardat
· Parlamento Andino. Milos Alcalay

"Por otra parte Heredia informó que para el Parlamento Andino y el Parlamento Latinoamericano, Venezuela de Primera llevará a las elecciones a dos equipos de reconocidos internacionalistas que poseen una amplia trayectoria en el campo diplomático, encabezado por Milos Alcalay y Adolfo Taylhardat."

In other matters, I was insulted by the "smooth and hypocritical" interviews that infamous Chavez gave to the European press including the BBC (please read resources below). Obviously, someone else prepared the answers that Chavez gave and even cleaned the unpleasant leader up to give an inaccurate view of his grotesque and abusive personality.


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