Saturday, February 07, 2009

Student Protest in Caracas

Dear Journalists,

Venezuelan students accompanied by many sharing their disgust towards Chavez's abuse of power marched today in different Caracas' main streets assuring that the vote NO will win in the scheduled election to take place on February 15:

One of my favorite quotes as provided by Harvard Internationalist Pedro Mario Burelli is the following"

"Señaló el dirigente estudiantil que este país siempre ha sido un paraíso para toda clase de personas sin distingo de religión, raza o ideología política. "Nunca había sido malo ser rico, pobre o de clase media, cristiano o judío. Siempre ha sido un paraíso de convivencia, y no nos lo van a quitar", dijo Smolansky."

Rough translation: Student leader Smolansky said that Venezuela has been a paradise to all people without distinction of religion, race, and political ideology. "Never was bad to be rich, poor, or middle class, Christian or Jewish. Always had been a paradise to live in harmony and that is not going to be taken from us." Smolansky referred to the infamous hatred rhetoric expressed by Chavez in his speeches to the nation.

The following link is to pictures from the student protest:

Concerning the destruction at the Synagogue in Caracas a few days ago, Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat wrote his opinion column to describe the total abuse from alleged Chavez's supporters, and to provide his support for freedom in Venezuela respecting all faiths:

Un acto de vandalismo imperdonable

There is hope among Venezuelan people that this is the end of Chavez since the infamous leader has lost most of his support.


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Venezuelans are protesting against Chavez! Big Time!

Venezuelans are out protesting against Chavez responding to a call from the university students as reported by Noticias24:

Those participating in the march are sending pictures of how protesters are excited to express their voices against the infamous and abusive leader!

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Monday, February 02, 2009

A lot of Anger in Venezuela Against Chavez

On this date infamous Chavez allegedly declared a mandatory day off from work to commemorate the ten year anniversary of his abusive government.

All throughout the day people were emailing angry comments against Chavez. And, as always good jokes like the one below are circulating the Internet:

Para los Chinos este es el año del Buey. Que bueno que ellos pueden cambiar de animal anualmente porque nosotros tenemos 10 años "celebrando"el AÑO DEL BURRO!!!!

In serious comments, Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat has written the opinion articles below explaining Chavez's plans concerning the upcoming election asking Venezuelans to vote to allow the infamous leader to remain in power:

Lo que esconde la pregunta

Ambassador Taylhardat also comments on Chavez's reaction to President Barack Obama, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demonstrating a clear knowledge of the infamous leader's behavior.

El compás de espera

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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Venezuela's Political Disaster - February 1, 2009


Dear Journalists,

Anti-Semitism acts against Jewish people in Venezuela are allegedly been performed by a small group with destruction similar to the ones done to the new Mayor's building.

Please know that this is a new and vicious attitude implemented by hostile, extremist groups which do not reflect the general sentiment of the Venezuelan population. Venezuelans have always lived in harmony with different ethnic groups, and Jewish people have made enhancements, and very important contributions to Venezuela.

Venezuelan synagogue attacked as relations worsen
By Rachel Jones, The Associated Press, Sunday, February 1, 2009


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