Sunday, December 27, 2009


Dear Journalists,

In memory of President Rafael Caldera.

Former Venezuelan President Rafael Caldera was an honorable man. As explained by The Washington Post “As president from 1969 to 1974, Mr. Caldera eliminated the remnants of leftist guerrilla movements by granting them a general amnesty.” However, President Caldera could not imagine that he would be releasing the beast after offering presidential forgiveness to infamous Hugo Chavez then “ a young army paratroop commander behind one of the 1992 coup attempts: Chavez, who four years later would be elected to succeed Mr. Caldera.”

I imagine that after realizing that Chavez is a sociopath as reported by The Washington Post “Mr. Caldera warned that violence could ensue if Chavez, using state resources, blocked efforts to hold a recall referendum on his leftist presidency. Mr. Caldera questioned the legitimacy of a new constitution under which Chavez has increased his power.” Sadly, certain opposition members would never forgive President Caldera of his terrible mistake misjudging Hugo Chavez setting him free. Thug Chavez has abused his power against Venezuelan citizens in favor of his own selfish, negligent and greedy benefit.

Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat wrote opinion article ¡Vergüenza! (Shame) describing Chavez’s behavior beyond a political embarrassment, but a total shame. It seems to me that as President Caldera, and those who have followed the infamous Chavez were completely unaware of the terrible character they had to deal with. Chavez’s administration as reported by sources is way more corrupted than previous ones he tried to end. Chavez’s rhetoric has become obsolete, repetitious, and a nuisance to Venezuelan citizens.!_23A3219903.shtml

Nevertheless, there is new hope to end this terrible situation led by Chacao Mayor Leopoldo Lopez as also reported by The Washington Post. Mayor Lopez is facing a whim technical obstacle created by Hugo Chavez blocking him for running as presidential candidate.

Venezuelan seeks to revive anti-Chavez movement

Venezuelans need help to restore democracy since the opposition against Hugo Chavez does not have the resources nor might to end this awful political disaster.


Maru Angarita
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