Saturday, July 11, 2009

Open Letter to OAS Secretary General from Pedro Mario Burelli

The following is link to open letter to OAS Secretary General Insulza from Pedro Mario Burelli reacting to Hugo Chavez contacting U.S. Department Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Shannon.


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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Spare a thought for Hugo Chavez by Bernd Debusmann

Bernd Debusmann is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own -

Spare a thought for Hugo Chavez, the larger-than-life Venezuelan leader who flourished in the role of Latin America’s defender against an evil empire led by a devil who smelt of sulphur and was named George W. Bush.

Those were the easy days for Chavez. Now he has become a dragon-slayer without a dragon, an actor on a stage without the most important prop. It was one thing to rally the Latin masses against the widely-detested Bush, it is another to deal with Barack Obama, “the first (U.S.) president who looks like us,” in the words of Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hillary Clinton speaks to Venezuelan opposition :-)

Update July 8, 2009

Attached below please find link to interview with U.S. Secretary of State, and sample of highlights:

Interview With Leopoldo Castillo of Globovision

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
July 7, 2009

QUESTION: If I mentioned to you issues like separation of power, human rights, political freedom, freedom of speech, civil and political rights, which one would you consider the weakest or the most fragile of states in Latin America?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, you have just listed many of the most important concerns that we have about our hemisphere. We think it’s imperative that people’s rights be respected, that there be separation of powers, and that different institutions within countries’ governments have clearly defined roles that they are able to exercise.

We support freedom of expression throughout our hemisphere. We are against the arbitrary use and abuse of power that would lead to political prisoners being confined. Because everything that you have mentioned is part of what makes up a vibrant democracy. Democracy is not just about elections. Democracy is about how governments are organized, whether they are able to protect the rights of minorities, whether people of different political persuasions have the right to speak out without fear of being persecuted, whether there’s an independent judiciary and an independent press.

All of these are parts of what make democracies dynamic and lasting. So whenever one of those is under attack, others are often under attack as well.

Hillary Clinton calls to protect free press in Venezuela

Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma stopped his hunger strike after speaking with OAS Secretary General Insulza.

Dear Journalists,

It is wonderful news that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met immediately following her meeting with outlaw Zelaya with the producer of the television show in Venezuela ""Alo Ciudadano," and with the C.E.O. of Globovision network which infamous Chavez is harassing, and threatening to take out-of-business:

Hillary Clinton habla en Aló Ciudadano

This link is very busy, so please try it later. Hopefully, Globovision will post on their website the interview. At this time they only have the advertisement of the interview.

Clinton: Costa Rican President to Mediate Honduran Standoff

In the meantime, Caracas Mayor continues on hunger strike until the Organization of American States sends a delegation to Venezuela to see Hugo Chavez's abuses against democracy and human rights. Globovision reports that OAS Secretary General Insulza talked with Mayor Ledezma on the telephone today:

The following link is to open letter to OAS Secretary General from Yon

Yon Goicoechea // OEA pa' los panas

Venezuelans are angry that the OAS is going along with Chavez's abuses against human rights, and interference with the internal politics of other countries imposing his alleged voting scams enabling corruptible leaders to perpetuate themselves in power. Perhaps the Federal Bureau of Investigation should take a look at this voting scams similar to the investigators from the cool television show Numb3rs do. If Chavez is indeed using voting scams to cheat Venezuelan citizens, isn't this a crime against human rights?


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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Zelaya and democracy


The following is link to photo of Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma on hunger strike

Ledezma afirma seguir "firme en sus convicciones" y pide a OEA hacer cumplir Carta Democrática en Venezuela

It is outrageous that a hunger strike action has to take place for the OAS to pay attention of the abusive situation in Venezuela. Please do a search within my blog for Ledezma to get postings concerning the Mayor.


While Manuel Zelaya leaves Washington, DC to perhaps take over the presidency in Honduras, the Organization of American States is allegedly ignoring human rights in Venezuela. The OAS seems to be sold out by Hugo Chavez and is neglecting the disaster that currently tis aking place in Venezuela where Chavez does as he pleases disregarding all rules. Please keep in mind that until a few days ago Chavez was blasting the OAS and insulting the organization:

Zelaya anuncia desde Washington que ya parte hacia Tegucigalpa

Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma continues his hunger strike at the office of the OAS in Caracas.

Lawyers and Caracas Mayor request respect for Venezuelan Constitution

Alcaldes capitalinos dan su apoyo a Ledezma tras 48 horas de huelga de hambre

The following link (URL) is circulating the Internet demonstrating that Hugo Chavez's rhetoric directed to Venezuelans that do not know any better is totally hypocritical:

Let's wait and see what controls the OAS. Is it corruption paid by Hugo Chavez? Disinformation as recently spoken by OAS Secretary General Insulza forgetting the "Caracazo" and Chavez's Coup d'état in November 1992? It is of utmost importance the the OAS does its homework to avoid disinformation.

Los otros golpes de Estado que la OEA no ve


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