Friday, May 01, 2009

Coward Chavez Abusing Human Rights on May 1, 2009

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Update May 2

The following is link to several personal video clips taken by witnesses who were attacked by Chavez's National Guard:

Venezuelans were kept from marching peacefully to commemorate Labor Day. Chavez's abusive national guard blocked marchers, used tear gas, and physical aggression against protesters especially women, and the elderly. Witnesses report that they were suffocated by the tear gas, and watched how the National Guard physically attacked unarmed elderly women.

At the same time Chavez's allegedly financed Labor Day march was held with no attacks against citizens. Chavez said that Venezuelan streets are not for those who have earned their living, and maintain middle-class status.

Coward Chavez said that he used some little tear gas:

Venezuelans are abused in the open by a pathetic leader. I have been writing about this situation since 1999, and all leaders shamelessly have ignored the pleads for human rights justice from Venezuelans. Only a few exceptions where King Juan Carlos of Spain told the infamous Chavez to shut up.

The following article Crimen y castigo y crimen sin castigo written by Ambassador Diego Arria is published on the magazine Poder 360 May 2009:

Crimen y castigo y crimen sin castigo


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Monday, April 27, 2009

Chavez is the worst thing that has happened to the region in the last ten years.

The following link is to article written by Duncan Currie from the National Review Online:

What Chávez Has Wrought -
The authoritarian socialist has brought Venezuela food shortages and massive inflation.

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