Saturday, April 29, 2006

Venezuela's Political Disaster - April 29, 2006

Dear Journalists,

The news in Venezuela continue to be at its worst. There are e-mails circulating naming the newspaper owners who have died in odd circumstances including Janet Kelly, Editor of the Daily Journal in 2003, owner of newspaper El Impulso in the city of Barquisimeto, Filippo Sindoni owner of newspaper El Aragueno and of a television station in Maracay, and Salvador Termini, owner of newspaper La Prensa en Monagas State who have died in the last few weeks. Also, the murder of Catholic priest sub-secretary of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, Father Jorge Piñango is causing outrage in Venezuela:

The following is article written by Father Jonathan Morris for FOX Fan Central:

Among the rumors, one that is circulating today is about the illness of Fidel Castro, and Chavez's evening rush trip two-days ago to Havana including traveling by helicopter to Castro's home.

Below please find link to article written by Lenka Zàjec Yelusic and published in This article is the cover page report on Peru's newspaper La Republica with reaction to Chavez's insults to presidential candidate Alan Garcia:

Venezuelans are hostages of Chavez and need international help in order to correct the current political disaster.


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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Seven Years After the 1999 Devastating Landslides in Venezuela

Attached herewith please find video report from Television Producer Rhona Ottolina, the late Renny Ottolina's daughter, about the devastating landslides in Venezuela suggesting that the Venezuelan government failed to warn citizens about the disaster:

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Resources:,1,The 1999 Venezuelan Flood