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Update S.O.S.

Hugo Chavez has announced expropriation of newly elected National Assembly member Maria Corina Machado's family property as reported by journalists in

Infamous Chavez has also order the expropriation of agricultural industry Agroisleña

Presidente Chávez anuncia expropiación de Agroisleña

Dear Journalists,

If all the evidences presented by Thor Halvorssen on his Huffington Post editorial are correct Hugo Chavez has cheated Venezuelan citizens to remain in power.

The Meaning of the Venezuelan Election Results

Mr. Halvorssen explains that -Given that they couldn't do a simple "we got more votes" trick, the electoral council, controlled entirely by Chavez, chose instead to do political alchemy. This means he did rig it! Consider that the opposition obtained 52% of the votes (probably much more had it been a clean fight) yet does not have a majority of the seats. It is political alchemy resulting from politicized redistricting. For instance, in Caracas the opponents of Chavez got 484,844 votes versus 484,103 of the Chavista party. And the ten seats get split: three for the winners and seven for Chavez. I strongly hope those who cried foul during Bush v. Gore will come out swinging against this injustice just four hours south of Palm Beach County.

Mr. Halvorssen further explains that Chavez cannot declare defeat. He cannot leave power because this would lead to charges of murder, drug-trafficking on a global scale, corruption charges unlike anything seen in the hemisphere's history, and -- most problematic due to the crimes against humanity element -- charges of collaborating with Colombia's FARC terrorists.

Over-representation harms the opposition

Link to possible fraud as reported by blogger Alek Boyd for previous elections:

Blogger Daniel Duquenal has postings explaining the election fraud:

Venezuelan Mayor Leopoldo Lopez’s video La inseguridad puede resolverse en 20 meses y no en 20 años challenges Chavez to stop the violence in Venezuela.

If Chavez is allowing FARC to abuse Venezuelan citizens free of punishment isn’t this a crime against humanity to have a leader implement suffering against the citizens that he represents?

Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat wrote La muerte del Mono where he explains the death of FARC leader Mono Jojoi.

Venezuelans need the aid from the International Court of Justice to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracy.


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