Sunday, September 24, 2006

Venezuela's Political Disaster - September 24, 2006

Dear Journalists,

Attached below please find link to The Washington Post Editorial "Hurricane Chávez, What's worse for energy security: a natural disaster or a petro-bully?" which explains the current situation with infamous Chavez.

Concerning the next embarrassment with Chavez's foreign minister as reported in the CNN article below:

Venezuelans are e-mailing that the so called foreign minister does not have diplomatic training since his previous career was as Metro bus driver, and there is no evidence of him receiving this type of education. Also, there is an outrage of how much Chavez's foreign minister spent for a first class cash-paid airline ticket to Venezuela which he did not take after all. The fact that the foreign minister with diplomatic immunity does not respect the security procedures at the airport is adding more embarrassment in the hostage country. CNN has reported that the foreign minister arrived one-half hour before the international flight to John F. Kennedy Airport and did not respect Homeland Security procedures.

Chavez in Venezuela claims that the above referenced airport security incident is because President Bush wants to kill him:

Venezuelans have been suffering for the last several years severe foreign exchange controls imposed by Chavez.

Venezuelans are terribly embarrassed with the recent events and need every one to know that Chavez and his officers do not represent their values as indicated in the attached petition:


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