Monday, February 02, 2009

A lot of Anger in Venezuela Against Chavez

On this date infamous Chavez allegedly declared a mandatory day off from work to commemorate the ten year anniversary of his abusive government.

All throughout the day people were emailing angry comments against Chavez. And, as always good jokes like the one below are circulating the Internet:

Para los Chinos este es el año del Buey. Que bueno que ellos pueden cambiar de animal anualmente porque nosotros tenemos 10 años "celebrando"el AÑO DEL BURRO!!!!

In serious comments, Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat has written the opinion articles below explaining Chavez's plans concerning the upcoming election asking Venezuelans to vote to allow the infamous leader to remain in power:

Lo que esconde la pregunta

Ambassador Taylhardat also comments on Chavez's reaction to President Barack Obama, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demonstrating a clear knowledge of the infamous leader's behavior.

El compás de espera

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