Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chavez is losing it

Venezuelan students are protesting big time against Chavez. Students cried after being choked by tear gas that that was it for Chavez! NO is NO! The more Chavez seizes the television stations with his abuse of power the more citizens resent him, and want him o u t!

Chávez alerta al país sobre gravedad en hechos violentos de estudiantes

Pictures of student protesting. Some protests turned violent after the police used anti-riot gear, and tear gas.

Chávez mandó una advertencia a los “dueños” de las universidades privadas

A few days ago, Chavez seized the television networks for eight hours non-stop! Many citizens were complaining on line totally fed up of abuse. And, Chavez continues seizing almost daily the television networks with his speeches.

Chavez's breaking diplomatic relations with Israel has caused more tensions. It seems that Venezuelans agree that the Palestine people must be protected against the infamous thugs using their women, and children as shields. I could picture Chavez using his mother, and daughters to protect himself instead of using the hundreds of Cuban bodyguards.

Morocco has closed his Embassy in Venezuela because of Chavez's actions against Western Sahara

Marruecos cierra su embajada en Venezuela por diferencias sobre el Sahara

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