Monday, December 29, 2008

Chavistas Threaten Newly Elected Mayor

Update: December 30

Protesting employees have been paid after the Mayor received funds from Chavez's Finance Ministry. However, the press reports that journalists were blocked from covering the event.

Humm, I wonder if Chavez would be trying to sabotage its perceived political enemies similar to what U.S. President Richard Nixon did in Watergate.

Deep Throat Dies by Ronald Kessler

Second Update

Dear Journalists,

A situation is developing in Caracas where Chavez's supporters are threatening to death the newly elected Mayor Antonio Ledezma! Chavez's police units are responding to the situation.

This information will be soon reported in the major newspapers. "Chavistas han causado algunos destrozos y hay amenazas de muerte contra AL" "el Min Finanzas no le ha enviado el Situado Constitucional a la Alcaldia Metropolitana y no se ha podido pagar los sueldos. A todas las Gobernaciones y Alcaldias del pais le han entregado sus recursos menos a Ledezma"

It seems that the hostile situation was related to the inability to pay salaries because the Mayor has not received the funds from Chavez's ministry of finance:

Alcaldía Mayor no podrá pagar segunda quincena de diciembre

Protestaron extrabajadores de la Alcaldía Mayor


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