Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Door That Bush Kept Open By Jackson Diehl

By Jackson Diehl
Friday, December 12, 2008; A27

By now it's commonplace for pundits like me to
point out that President Bush has come nowhere close to fulfilling the promise of his second inaugural address, which was that he would commit his government to the spread of freedom and the defense of democratic dissidents around the world. The State Department long ago squelched the president's initial attempts to act on those soaring words in places such as Egypt and Azerbaijan; even worse, many Democrats have reacted to Bush's fecklessness by concluding that the incoming Obama administration should preemptively swear off any attempt to pressure the autocrats of the Islamic world, or powers such as Russia and China, for democratic change.

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And, editorial from Venezuelan Blogger Miguel Octavio who was also invited to The White House:
The Devil's Excrement (a.k.a. oil) by Miguel Octavio

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Round Table discussion at the White House on Human Rights Day

Today I participated
in an event with the President of the United States who invited eight bloggers from different countries to tell him how we use blogging and Internet technologies to tell the world our message of what is happening in our respective countries where Human Rights are constantly being violated. While Human Rights is not the sole subject of my blog, someone thought my discussion of such topics in my blog made me an appropriate representative of the Venezuelan blogosphere on Human Rights Day, which celebrated today on 60th. Anniversary of the of the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights.

Miguel goes to Washington by Daniel Duquenal

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Maru Angarita

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