Monday, January 05, 2009

We All Told Him So ...

Updated on January 10, 2009

"Citgo continues support of free heating oil plan"

Venezuelan firm says it never ended deal with Citizens Energy

Citizens Energy had announced that it may lay off twenty staff members because of Chavez's action. Obviously, the former U.S. Congress has not suffered what is like to be unemployed, and struggle big time during a financial crisis.

I still get upset by thinking that someone like Joe Kennedy, II would do business with sociopath Hugo Chavez. Most of the bloggers advocates trying to help out to improve the situation in Venezuela wrote to the former Congressman Kennedy warning him of dealing with the infamous leader. After a few e-mails my address was blocked by Citizens Energy's website. Please run a search within my blog on "Joe Kennedy" to read previous postings on this matter dating back to November 23, 2005.

Today, at the beginning of the winter season in North America, and during the worst financial crisis affecting everyone, we learned that Citizens Energy has issued a press release announcing a re-evaluation of the program offered by CITGO:

Heating Oil Program Announcement

At the same time, infamous Chavez and his officials have reduced in half the amount of foreign currencies that Venezuelan citizens can buy a year as announced by Comisión de Administración de Divisas

It seems that the Chavez’s administration is reducing expenses. I wonder if Chavez is punishing and/or manipulating Venezuelan citizens in order to humiliate them further by reducing quality of life. What about reducing the so abusive contributions to all of the countries that he is openly supporting including Argentina, Bolivia (just recently a second full load of SUVs for their police force), Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua among others?

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