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Hamas' Human Shields and Chavez

Updated on January 10, 2009

Venezuelans show support for Israel during a social event in Caracas as shown in the attached pictures:

Con Shlomo Cohen y con Israel...

Editorial cartoon by Weil

Chavez, Hamas & Venezuelans

Link to Chavez's supporters protesting against Israel in Caracas

Venezuelans are outraged by Chavez's actions against Israel as expressed by Journalist Eleonora Bruzual in the attached link for her broadcast on Radio Mambí, la Grande (710 AM) Miami, Florida.

Mandando y mintiendo desde la mezquita…

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La FAN y el apoyo de Chávez a Hamas

¡Am Israel Jai! aunque le pese a Chávez y a las hienas como él

Chavez expelled the Israeli Ambassador to Venezuela, Shlomo Cohen, and all Embassy staff following the current attacks against Hamas. Chavez's vision is limited, and bias and does not understand that Hamas seems to continue with the cowardly method of using human shields of women, and children to protect their thugs. Is Palestine Hamas? or is Hamas inside Palestine?

Government expels Israel's ambassador in solidarity with Palestine

Witnesses: Hamas fired from school

Two residents of the area near UN school that was shelled by the IDF on Tuesday said that they had seen a small group of terrorists firing mortar rounds from a street close to the school. The two spoke with The Associated Press by telephone on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal.
IDF releases footage from last year showing UN school used by Hamas to fire mortar shells

Meanwhile, a UNRWA official denounced on Wednesday the shelling of the UN school, and demanded that an independent investigation be launched to determine the facts of the incident.
Christopher Gunness of the UN Relief and Works Agency, responsible for the school, said the agency was "99.9 percent certain there were no militants or military activity in its school."
Gunness said 1,300 people were taking shelter from the shelling at the school.

Please watch Anderson Cooper 360 report:

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