Saturday, March 06, 2010

Chavez and Terrorism

It seems that Spain and Venezuela has reached an agreement concerning the accusations made that Chavez supports the ETA as reported on the following video:

España y Venezuela resuelven polémica

El Director de la policía española viajará a Venezuela para cooperar en caso ETA-FARC

The Gazeta Oficial from October 20, 2005 show the alleged ETA member as an office of Chavez government:

Tweets and e-mails were circulating the Internet a few days ago concerning Chavez's involvement with Spanish ETA with information as reported by The Wall Street Journal in the article below:

Hugo Chávez and Terrorism

"In Spain too, the Venezuelan strong man has allegedly collaborated with terrorists."

Venezuelans are sick and tired of Hugo Chavez getting involved in all sorts of wild and controversial causes rather than improving their quality of life. Crime in Venezuela is out-of-control and Chavez seems not to do anything against it! Civilians live in terror that they will be robbed or attacked anywhere. Presently neighborhoods are conducting safety meetings since the crime is taking place in areas that were safe. There are reports that the weapons utilized by the assailants are sophisticated.

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