Friday, February 05, 2010

S.O.S. to the World

Updated on February 10

Dear Journalists,

Worst than former Panama’s dictator
Manuel Noriega infamous Hugo Chavez seems to feel threatened by the awakening of Venezuelans to their sad reality. Chavez has destroyed the once prosperous Venezuela and made it into a worthless nation as has been reported by the press and experts like Rumors during the selection period of Chavez’s new vice president last week were saying that Chavez was proposing a Cuban national as the best candidate for the job! Currently, Chavez has hired a Cuban national to solve the electricity chaos in Venezuela.

There are reports that the infamous newly hired Cuban national was involved in tortures and killings supporting Fidel Castro’s revolution.

Venezuela opposition decries appointment of Cuban

Valdés, a renowned bloodthirsty,-a-renowned-b_04A3392571.shtml

Adolfo Taylhardat // La segunda colonia

Chavez continues to provide disinformation to Venezuelans and to the world; however, developed nations know better, and all Venezuelan citizens are suffering neglect and Chavez’s whims to be a world leader. This include, of course, taking over Cuba. It seems that Chavez is merging Cuba into Venezuela. All of these changes are undemocratic and forced to Venezuelans.

Chavez rules for is own dreams neglecting Venezuelans completely, and his staff seem to do the same. Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat wrote on his column about Chavez’s official Defender of the People is in violation of the constitution and does just what Chavez says:

Adolfo Taylhardat // ¿Y la defensora del pueblo?: defendiendo al Gobierno

Unarmed Venezuelan students continue to protest against abuse of power only to be easily overpowered by heavily armed soul less Chavez’s police. Chavez is brutally abusing students in front of the whole world. Does it take only a 7.5 earthquake for people to react to assist an abused nation?

Parlamento Europeo debatirá sobre los derechos humanos en Venezuela

Venezuelans need the help of all developed nations to restore democracy!


Maru Angarita

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