Saturday, January 09, 2010

Venezuela's Worst Enemy


The following video of Charles Chaplin has been circulating in Venezuela:

Charles Chaplin 1940

Dear Journalists,

Happy and Prosperous New Year 2010!

Without a doubt Hugo Chavez shall be the declared enemy of Venezuelan citizens. Everything that the infamous leader does is against the interest of Venezuelan people, and all allegedly for the building and financing of his own political empire while blasting others of imperialists.

Venezuelans woke up today to start 2010 with a new devalued currency and their ability to do business reduced to severe strains.

Venezuela's Chavez devalues currency

Venezuela implements devaluation; creates two foreign exchange rates

Please keep in mind that Chavez funds other nations including Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, and other regimes while imposing all the damages to Venezuela. Thus, experts agree that this devaluation is all to benefit Chavez:

Expertos dicen que devaluación favorece al Estado y aumentará inflación

The infamous leader is unable to control the criminal activity in Venezuela where violent crimes has reached outrageous numbers. Some say that over 20,000 people died in Venezuela in 2009 victims of crime.

In the last couple of weeks there are reports of at least five armed men with machine guns terrorizing citizens invading their homes to rob in Caracas and other cities. Only a few of those crimes have been reported by the press. Where is Chavez’s leadership to combat crime? Nobody seems to know why Chavez allows violent crime in the city. Is he not able to control it? Are the criminals supported by Chavez? What is going on?

Venezuelans need help to restore democracy. All honorable nations are called for help to restore democracy in Venezuela.


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