Sunday, February 21, 2010

NO! to Venecuba


Belligerent Chavez is picking up a fight against HRM the Queen of England Elizabeth II trying to get the Falkland Islands!

Advierte que Argentina “no estará sola” si hay un conflicto militar por las Islas Malvinas

Chavez instead of using money to improve the quality of life of Venezuelans by at least eradicating the uncontrollable violence in the nation he chooses to use that money against the United Kingdom!

Dear Journalists,

While international organizations observe the political disaster in Venezuela it is frustrating to watch Hugo Chavez continuing to implement his Cuba style socialism in the abused nation against the will of citizens. The following link is to opinion article written by Ambassador Adolfo Taylhardat presenting the resolutions made by the European Parliament concerning the situation in Venezuela:

Adolfo R. Taylhardat // El Parlamento Europeo y Venezuela

and related article from The Economist:

“Venecuba”, a single nation - Hugo Chávez, as he drafts in ever more Cuban aides to shore up his regime, is fulfilling a longstanding dream of Fidel Castro’s

Some good news from Venezuela at this time is that Maria Corina Machado from has announced her pre-candidacy for the National Assembly as reported on my posting dated February 18. Her announcement speech represents the need of Venezuelan citizens.

While I continue to ask for help to restore democracy in Venezuela I do not know what the best approach to do so would be. After reading some history, perhaps a solution would be to have the International Court of Justice in The Hague (Netherlands) to take matters into control assisting Venezuelans to restore democracy in the abused nation. The abuse, hatred, insults, hostility, revenge and neglect against Venezuelan citizens must stop. Hugo Chavez must protect and defend Venezuelan citizens assuring safety and providing better quality of life instead of doing so to other nations while neglecting Venezuelan citizens.

Remembering former Secretary of State, General Alexander Haig, the link below is to archive picture dated November 18, 1981 at a party at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC for the late President of Venezuela Luis Herrera Campins that some of my blog readers attended and may have not seen in a long time. (Counter clockwise Alexander Haig, Venezuelan Military Attaché General Aguilar, and myself)
Picture taken by City News Bureau, Inc. Washington, DC 20007


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