Saturday, June 12, 2010

Venezuela’s worst enemy continues


Dear Journalists,

Chavez continues to operate at will disregarding all laws under the watch of the world. Chavez seized all media networks during the FIFA World Cup inauguration for one hour so Venezuelans were blocked from the privilege of watching the ceremonies.

Chavez's buddies are already attending the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Hmmm, I wonder if infamous Chavez would attend using one of his disguises while treating Venezuelans like submissive third class citizens. Please remember who allegedly has all the money in Venezuela "Oligarch Hugo Chavez." Perhaps he would use one of his Shamans so Venezuelans would not notice ....,,11058408,00.jpg

Chavez used that time to threaten all citizens warning them of what is to come to the nation, and to notify them that the electricity has been restored. Chavez proceeded to issue arrest warrant for the owners of the television network Globovision. The fact that Chavez is acting on political revenge because of Globovision’s conviction to restore democracy is an outrage. International organizations must act to protect Venezuelan citizens since the damage is caused by one man Hugo Chavez.

Globovisión emite un duro comunicado: “Son tiempos muy difíciles para Venezuela

La justice vénézuélienne à la recherche d'un patron de chaîne désinvolte

TV channel owner ordered arrested in Venezuela

Chavez says anything he wants at will on the media including profanities and threats against citizens, and punishes citizens for their freedom of speech. Isn’t this against international law? Venezuelans are hostages of Hugo Chavez and need help to restore democracy.

Interpol may have under arrest one of Chavez’s staff in Andorra under accusations of drug money laundering.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton comments criticizing Chavez are very much appreciated: Clinton criticized the policies of Chavez's government during a
television interview in Ecuador this week. She said the U.S. is open to having a different relationship with Chavez but, "it doesn't appear that he wants to." (Fox News). However, infamous Chavez immediately blasted her comments as reported by the Washington Post. Please note that the title should be Chavez condemns rather than Venezuela:

Venezuela condemns remarks by Clinton

Venezuelans expect the aid from the International Court of Justice to resolve abuse of power in Venezuela and restore democracyI


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