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On Jackson Diehl's "Hugo Chavez's implosion continues in Venezuela

Introduction by Internationalist Pedro Mario Burelli

PMBComment If someone has understood the convoluted DNA and macabre tempo of the Bolivarian "revolution" it has been Jackson Diehl from the Washington Post. There is no one in mainstream media that has been so prescient, trenchant and consistent in his assessment of this destructive bacchanal. The piece below, which was posted today in the paper's blog section, is one of a long list of articles and editorials that have been proven right despite the protestations of Chávez's withering legion of sycophants.

The long anticipated final implosion of a country blessed with all sorts of natural resources and unique geographical location, is now upon us. The crude and rude Lt. Colonel who has ranted more than ruled, who has destroyed more than built and who is now being chased by ghosts and non-ghost of his own making, has only dark places and treacherous ploys in which to hide. His democratic facade has melted, his skills as a communicator have worn thin and if he is in power it is because there is no obvious alternative - but, as is always the case, a replacement will emerge just when finally needed.

Hugo Chávez's remaining relationship with a minority of Venezuelans is mostly mercantile which is no surprise in a country in which the State is omnipresent despite its incompetence. But, every day someone from the innards of the beast jumps ship in a one directional exodus with no feasible return. Soon more and more of the ugly truths of a very crooked administration will surface and the "magic" of the Bolivarian fraud will be bared. The world will be exposed to lurid details of massive secret foreign bank accounts, untold wealth in the hands of a few - many with Chávez as their last name, and a myriad of dangerous liaisons that will compromise Venezuela's future for years to come. The oil bonanza that hid so much from 2002 till 2008 is long gone, the internal battles are ragging, the foreign friends - with the exception of the most desperate and dangerous - are mostly gone, the apologists are few and unconvincing.

As we enter the epilogue of this wasteful saga, we must open our collective eyes to the challenges of rebuilding a country dismantled by hatred, incompetence and greed. When first sworn in, Mr. Chávez stated - correctly - that he was "consequence and not cause", but he has morphed into the root cause of untold misery and intractable problems we never dreamed of having. For the future of Venezuela, and the region, and the world, it would be ideal that this putrid time bomb explodes in the face of its artificiers. Mr. Chávez is not destined - nor has he earned the right - to exit democratically and that is not a threat or even a wish, but a crude reality of his own making. Those who naively spouse a "democratic, electoral and peaceful" do not fully understand the nature of the brew, or the corrosive power and natural consequence of this brand of misrule. PMB

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Hugo Chavez's implosion continues in Venezuela
By Jackson Diehl May 26, 2010; 2:26 PM ET

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