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The following blog reports that Chavez's PDVSA's PDVAL is selling expired food products perhaps from the 30,000 plus containers found with cached food:

Hmmm, I wonder if PDVAL was probably one of the reasons why Chavez detests Empresas Polar.

In the subject of excesses, how much money is Chavez spending in latex disguises to approach the opposition? Perhaps, Chavez’s Hollywood contacts have referred excellent latex make-up artists to provide the infamous leader and supporters with amazing disguises:

How many American citizens in the U.S.A are actively supporting Hugo Chavez’s wrong doings? How much money is Chavez paying Americans who can be bought to threaten and harass those who report the news?

While Venezuelan citizens have been suffering lack of basic food supplies in the last several years a few days ago a cache of food products of at least 30,000 tons plus by this time has been found near Caracas allegedly kept by Chavez’s supporters:

Under Chávez’s watch, 20,000 tons of rotten food discovered in Venezuelan port

Earlier this week Hugo Chavez seized all media networks in Venezuela for seven hours to use profanity verbally and in gestures damning everyone as reported by Journalist Eleonora Bruzual:

Chávez: tenga cuidado al maldecir, porque hay un momento en que Dios se enoja… (Jueves 3 de junio de 2010) Trinchera

In another speech to the nation dedicated to the youth Chavez used more profanities to express his passion:

The burial violence by Chavez's supporters continues with another attack:

Velorio en El Junquito acaba con carpa de la GN quemada

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