Thursday, October 01, 2009

Venezuelan Students Protest at the OAS in Washington, DC

Dear Journalists,

The following is press bulletin from the students who protested in front of the Organization of American States' Administrative building in Washington, DC, on this date of October 1, 2009:

Estudiantes Venezolanos en el Exterior - Washington, D. C.
Venezuelan Students Abroad - Washington, D. C.

4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW ▪ c/o Venezuela:Perspectives ▪ Washington, DC 20016 ▪ (202) 415-2370 and (202) 557-8554

Contact: Carla Bustillos Ph: (202) 415-2370

Washington, D.C., October 1, 2009

Re: TODAY’s Venezuelan Students Abroad Protest and Document Submission to the Organization of American States in Washington.

Over 30 students protested today, October 1, 2009, in front of the OAS Administrative Building in Washington, D.C. and submitted the attached document which called for the OAS to take firm action on the issue of political prisoners in Venezuela.

The document was personally and respectfully received by Dr. Santiago Canton of the OAS-Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and by Mr. Raul Alconada of the OAS-Department of Democratic Sustainability. A copy of the document was also handed out to over 100 OAS staff members and visitors as they entered or exited the building during lunch time.

Thus, the group’s protest resulted effective in making OAS officials acknowledge the current democratic and peaceful struggle students in Venezuela and around the world have endured for the protection of the social and human rights of Venezuelans. Additionally, effective was their highlight of the individual names of those 40+ who are illegally imprisoned for engaging in peaceful political activism or for disagreeing with government policies and politics.

The following is link to pictures taken during the students' protest:

Estudiantes venezolanos protestaron y entregaron documento ante la OEA en Washington


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