Saturday, September 12, 2009

Earthquake 6.2 Ritcher Scale in Venezuela

Loved ones in Venezuela were telling me that there was a very unusual storm with hail in Caracas when the 6.2 earthquake trembled the city.

Quake rattles Venezuela capital, nearby states

Un fuerte temblor de 6,2 ha sacudido a Caracas y a la costa Norte de Venezuela

Temblor de 6,2 grados se registró en la región central,2-grado_12A2731689.shtml

Fuertes precipitaciones con granizo cayeron en Caracas

Picture of Venezuela's National Pantheon damaged by the earthquake

Perhaps Liberator Simon Bolivar, and other illustrious Venezuelans resting at the National Pantheon maybe sending a message to infamous Hugo Chavez!

As of this time after 9:00 P.M. there are still areas in Caracas without power. Relatives and friends living on the coast near the earthquake epicenter have not checked in with family members.

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