Saturday, September 05, 2009

While Venezuelan Civilians March ....

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The following picture is circulating the Internet! Hopefully, world leaders like President Obama are paying attention to what is taking place in Venezuela, perhaps some of them understand that Chavez is a human rights abuser:

While Venezuelan civilians march peacefully on this date of September 5, the news that the Venezuelan Embassy in Austria is providing passports to foreigners is circulating the Internet.

Por expedición o renovación de pasaportes venezolanos $80.00

Por la expedición de pasaporte de emergencia, con validez limitada, a los ciudadanos extranjeros. $30.00

Por prórroga de pasaportes venezolanos $50.00

Venezuelan civilians who are marching report that the event has been peaceful without Chavez's thugs abusing citizens as it happened a few days ago where among several human rights abuses tear gas was thrown inside the Metro stations to hurt peaceful marchers: (please visit my blog posting dated August 22).

El pueblo indignado en la calle

The following link is to one of Chavez's political prisoners:
“El cielo es generoso con los que combaten por la justicia y severo con los que no lo hacen”

Maru Angarita

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August 22, 2009 " Chavez's police threw tear gas to marchers who were headed home inside the Metro in Caracas as reported on the link below. Witnesses who were inside the Metro station report that it was major havoc:"

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